What should I do if Windows is locked?

Not so long ago, only a few years ago, on our computers fell terrible attack - on the Internet spread type of Trojans, which issued an inscription - "Windows is locked."And after a system reboot, and this message continues to appear immediately after the start.Now the message - "Windows 7 is blocked" - one of the most common problems encountered by users of personal computers.Many people start to panic, to call friends and acquaintances in different services.Some even, horror of horrors, send the required money for a certain number.Naturally, after a dispatch message stating that Windows is locked, it will not disappear.

main objective of this program, as you know, ordinary users extortion monies.Just in such a way that the purpose of the jitters, send an SMS in response does not come, the user will fall into the despair of that Windows is locked, and he could not do anything - and, God forbid, will send a couple of messages to the same number.Then the computer can not be used simply as a window large enough, it can not be shut down, and it is on top of all the others.

Well, if your Windows is locked, then you here.So, you just worked peacefully, and you showed up on the screen the malicious banner.What to do?

First, do not panic.Nowhere do not need to send!The computer will not save this act, and you will lose impressive amounts of money for which the attacker does not even thank you.

What to do easier.We need to find access to the Internet - whether from another computer, or perhaps from your phone, and then go to the service password guessing, provided Dr.Web.There you can find a special service in which you can find the code on your banner.This is done either by driving the proposed number to which to send the message, or at the picture.If you manage to find the right code, the computer is unlocked.This is the most suitable and easy solution for a person faced with such a problem.Unfortunately, sometimes it also happens that the codes on the websites of popular antivirus companies on your banner may not be.Then start for so-called dancing with a tambourine.If you are a user not very experienced, it is better to hire the services of professionals who can retain your data.

On the other hand, if you do something that you already know the basics of the work, and experts, it should be noted, now in the service is not very high poshiba can try to correct the situation yourself.If a banner lets you do anything on your computer, you can first of all look at the task manager - if it is real, it will determine which process belongs to the virus, for him to find the file and delete it.

is worth a look in the registry - perhaps you will discover traces of it there.However, it often happens that the banner does not give any sort of opportunities for activities.Then you can try to boot the system in safe mode - can be, the virus does not boot.In this case, it will have more scope for action.It is advisable to examine the programs in the startup - probably just a malicious file is in there somewhere.It can have any name, so you need to look at the confusing names.If you find something like that - you can safely delete.Finally, if the situation hopeless, and banner did not get away - the last chance, but a win-win - reinstall the system.However, these need to be addressed only if you have an idea about this procedure.

So if you are suddenly faced with the fact that your Windows XP is blocked - try not to panic, do not send any messages anywhere, and try to deal with the problem.