Exaggerated - it deliberately exaggerated

Human speech would not be so rich, if we had not used it in a metaphor, hyperbole, comparisons, terms and much more, which makes it much brighter, more varied and meaningful.One of the concepts that we often unconsciously use in the lexicon - is exaggeration.


Let's see: "exaggerating" - is that in the action?When we use it?It turns out that this kind of reception in the art of eloquence, which is used by sophists and demagogues to distract the main interlocutor of the perception of the course of events, data, images opponent.That is, a person begins to exaggerate the facts, deliberately distorting reality.

This technique full use of mass media, for example, so-called "yellow press".Specific presentation of the material, of course, affect the adequate assessment of the reader, and provides him exactly an opinion on the events and people that need the customer.Overdone - an action that like to use the media, presenting a presidential candidate (this is just an example) to impartially image: draw the audience's attention to his mistakes, but not on talent and competence in the field of public administration.

This also applies to such cases when newspapers, magazines and other media deliberately distort the facts from the life of celebrities, with the help of their popularity profitable beat their intentions.This could be the promotion of diet, or medications that supposedly uses well-known personality.

And that means "to exaggerate" in acting?

This kind of reception the game the actors.Like the actor go to extremes and deliberately through facial expressions, laughter drew attention to the character and reveals his character, suffering, hidden thoughts or expresses the basic idea of ​​the action.Exaggerate the acting was conscious reception in the 20s of the last century, when the emotions and experiences have shown in this way.An example is the old silent movies where the actors and actresses in the expression of feelings deliberately wringing his hands, gesturing, and so pathetic. N. Play realistic began only later, when it became a feature of the modern artistic style.

Where did we come to this word?

general, "exaggerating" - a word that comes to us from other languages.It comes from the Latin word «ultra», which is translated as "over, over."In the French and German words, which are the Latin root meaning excessive exaggeration, distortion, swelling.

word is acceptable when it comes to boasting or bragging.Man, as if trying to give their identity more important than actually deserved.In this case, exaggerate - it paraded act, deliberately exaggerating the talents and virtues.

We have examined the concept of "exaggerating".Synonym - "exaggerated."But this basic meaning, in fact, a lot of them:

  • overly emphasize;
  • distort;
  • brag;
  • embellish;
  • of aggravated;
  • exaggerate.

hope that article has helped you to deal with this interesting concept.Be eloquent!