What parcelling?

union split or separation combined - two sides of a single whole.In the human perception of the word "association" is most often associated with a "plus" and "separation" - with a "minus" sign.Why is this happening - is unknown.One thing is clear that the acquired throughout life or, conversely, inherent from childhood stereotypes prevent us to see in the plus or minus, and minus - plus.This limits.This makes it difficult to see the truth.This makes it impossible to touch the beauty.Today let's talk about such a linguistic phenomenon as parcelling in the Russian language, and make sure "firsthand" that division, split, separation - is also a beautiful, interesting, talented and wonderfully. What parcelling?

term "partsellyartsiya" literally translated from Latin (parcellatio) as "separation" and the French (parcelle) as a "particle."In linguistics, it is a stylistic device, which is an intentional, deliberate separation offers several distinct parts: "The child grows up.He lets his mother's hand.It makes step.His first step.Carefully.Uncertainly.The first victory. ";"I hear someone's muffled sobs.Someone was crying.Barely audible.Crying and calling ... "The examples - parceled design, which consists of a base part and partsellyatov.They are linked in meaning.The sentence "The child grows up" and "I hear someone's muffled sobs" - the basic or the main parts of which are its semantic centers.

«Lets her mother's hand.It makes step.His first step.Carefully.Uncertainly.The first victory ";"Someone was crying.Barely audible.She cries and calls ...... "- partsellyaty - fragments, segments, which have appeared as a result of the dismemberment.They are separated from the base part by means of intonation, in writing - a period, question or exclamation marks, at least - with a semicolon or a comma.

parceling should not be confused with connecting structures, which are members of complex sentences.They contain additional information or clarification, remark that unites them with partsellyatami, but they usually are in the middle or end of a sentence stand by commas and are accompanied by words such as, for example, even so, mainly and sofurther: "I loved our conversations, long, deep, sincere, especially in the evenings."

main functions parceling text

with the question of what the parcelling, or, to be more precise, what parcelling in the Russian language, we understand.However, significant and important issue is the functioning of parceling in speech and text.In the speech she used unconsciously.The literary text is the author parceled construction technique that carries the following functions:

  • creation and release of a new theorem;
  • iconic feature - underscore the individual parts, the description, the fixation of the reader's attention at each stage of the action, stretching actions ("She abruptly stood up. She went to the table. Selah. I thought. Fast wrote the first line » .);
  • characterological feature - an imitation of the inner monologue man, his emotional state ("He ran, stumbling and falling. Just to make it. Do not be late. Faster. Faster » .);
  • emotional and excretory function ("You? I? Something should be? It can not be! » - he said, shrugging his shoulders);
  • expressive grammatical function - changing relationships between members of the supply.

In conclusion, we note that there is much talk about what the parcelling, to list its main function, to argue and to clarify the nature of its origin ... It is certainly interesting and informative, but it's only a theory.Dry.Fresh.Tasteless (itself started using partsellyaty).And you want something bright and "delicious."Therefore, the theme of "What is the parcelling" I want to finish the most striking example often cited poem Alekandra Block: « Night, street, lamp, drugstore.Senseless and dim light.Live even though a quarter century, Everything would be so.No way ».