How to save gasoline?

This article will consider how to save gasoline for cars with different fuel injection system.The cost of fuel is constantly increasing, it is not happy motorists.But it does not force change on mopeds or bicycles.Quite the contrary - everyone is trying to find a way to reduce fuel consumption.Some, unfortunately, are cashing in on the ignorance of some of the motorists.And about these scams will be discussed in this article are the side they can not be circumvented.

the date of purchase of the machine

If you put the question of how to save petrol car in the first place, it is necessary to think about the expense to purchase the machine.What can you say about this?Of course, you should pay attention to the small car.But here there is a little confusion - are needed and horses, and small flow.Therefore, it is necessary to choose the cars, engines which have a capacity of 1.3-1.8 liters.And it must not give preference to European cars, not cars made in the USA and Japan.

And the right-hand vehicles (produced for the domestic market) are less greedy.The reason is that Japan has no oil fields.The implication of this - they care about is that energy consumption is minimized.But then you get another big plus.Whether the tale, whether true story, but right-handed Japanese cars are much higher quality of those that have been made for the European consumer.Co-producing country understood, now the next moment.

driving style of the driver

Whatever the engine, at least one liter, yet consumption depends on driving style of the driver.The most economical petrol consumption will those who go quietly.And to be precise, the smooth acceleration, without sharp squeezing of a pedal until it stops.The same smooth braking, driving speed not exceeding 90 km / h.Surely the traffic police are people who are well acquainted with the features of the car.Thus, at a speed of 90 km / h in most machines minimum flow.By increasing the speed to 120 km / h increases fuel consumption, and much more.

Calm and quiet ride, regardless of the carburettor and injection injection system installed on the vehicle - that is the key to the normal flow.And a few words not about driving style, and about the possibilities of the car.It's about the electrical load.The more users connected to the generator, the harder the engine to rotate it.The reason is that the generator is converted into an electromagnetic brake.In fact, if it is short-circuit winding, and as such it would be.Therefore, the inclusion instead of beam DRL - a reduction rate (minor).But on the other hand - this deterioration in the visibility of your car.Many drivers are accustomed to seeing the headlights of the oncoming.And if you do not see it, feel free to go on overtaking.

technical condition of the car

But you should not even think about how to reduce the consumption of gasoline, if you have the engine is on the verge.It determines everything.If deterioration of the valve is too high, a portion of the gasoline will be released into the exhaust manifold.If broken piston rings, the fuel and all will penetrate into the crankcase, mixed with oil, forming an explosive mass.In this case, the only right decision - a major repair of the some cases, the owners of foreign cars is cheaper to buy the contract motors.

few words about the wheels of their corners, balancing.Incorrect toe - is the cause not only of what the car a lot of "eat" gasoline.From this comes the blurring of tires, their rapid wear.Similarly, the balanced wheel.In addition, an excessive increase in clearance worsen aerodynamics.Reducing this parameter also violates the factory settings.Roof rack adds 15-30% to the expense.To tell the truth, even slightly open window - a reason for raising fuel.And if you add up all the factors together, it turns out a considerable increase.

Injector - a way to save?

Yes, it is difficult to argue.Injection injection system saves.But how to save on fuel injector?Very simple, you need only refer to auto electrician, who is engaged in the firmware of electronic control units.If we make a rough division, it is possible to identify three types of software for control units:

  • economy;
  • standard;
  • high power.

latter is usually used when tuning the car to increase the torque and horsepower added, without getting into the engine itself.Consumption of such a firmware higher than stated in the manual of the car.An economical embodiment is characterized in that eats small gasoline engine, but suffers speed and power.The most optimal is the standard.

Alternative energy sources

In recent years, many designers, both professional and self-taught, trying to figure out how to save petrol car.Some announce the vast network of their engines, which are not inferior to gasoline, but as a source of energy they use water, air, or in general the energy from the Chukchi shaman spells, which, as we know, three hands!But all these lzheizobreteniya forgotten as soon as the deception is revealed.But there are some viable alternatives to gasoline:

  • gas;
  • hydrogen;
  • electricity.

They are most relevant, but is only available gas.Producing hydrogen is still expensive, and batteries have a small charge.The record at the moment - about 500 km on a single charge.For city travel is normal, but over long distances have long to go.In addition, specialized charging stations on the territory of Russia and the CIS is extremely small.And the batteries will charge up to 6-8 hours.In this way a maximum 3-5 hours car is.

Installation HBO

But there is an option, how to save fuel on any car.This completely abandon it and install gas equipment.The advantage is clear - natural gas has doubled the cost lower than gasoline.The consumption of 1-2 liters of all the above.Consequently, the economy is visible to the naked eye.But many fear gas, berates him since lost a lot of horses.Indeed, even the second generation of HBO boasted power drop by a third.However, in this fourth problem is completely solved.Almost completely.Yes, there is a fall, but a maximum of 5%.But the installation of LPG equipment will cause you to think about security.Namely - it is necessary to undergo maintenance, and timely to do it.

Beware scammers!

the vast network is increasingly flashing ads wonderful tools that can reduce your cost of gasoline.This and various additives to be several grams per pot add, and super-magnets, which are mounted on hoses through which flows gas.But this is all nonsense, there is no cure for excessive consumption.All that really works, described in the article above.A magnet that is attached to the fuel line, no more than a cheap toy that sells for big money.

If you look closely at the "company" who know how to reduce consumption of gasoline several times, find out one more feature - on a page on the Internet for some reason, a lot of reviews (and left with accounts of famous social networks).But you can not leave your review.This is the first indication to think.Such "panacea" in the best case will not do anything.At worst - will kill the engine and fuel system.So try not to fall for such tricks of swindlers.

Conclusions From the above we can draw one conclusion - the fuel consumption is up to you.The more accurate you are driving, so it is less.The better care for the engine and the car in general, the lower the cost of gasoline.Watch for trip computer, speedometer, odometer, and will have no problems with high consumption of gasoline.