How to make yogurt cheese at home?

cheese from yogurt at home can be prepared in many ways.Today we present you the most simple and affordable options that do not require a large amount of ingredients.

Soft cheese from kefir: homemade recipe

Learn to cook a product everyone can own.Indeed, in the creation of cottage cheese is no big deal.As a rule, such a product very similar to the Adygei.Its taste and hardness largely depend on the feedstock, that is, the fermented milk drink.

should also be noted that the cheese from kefir at home a less nutritious than the same solid or cream product.In this regard, it is very useful for dietary and baby food.

So how do you make homemade cheese from kefir?Recipe for this product requires the following components:

  • yogurt home or shop is not very fat - 2 bottles or 2 liter;
  • natural creamy butter - about 50 grams;
  • fresh large egg - 1 pc .;
  • soda dining - ½ small spoon;
  • salt - dessert spoon (or less can be more used to taste);
  • sweet paprika - 1/3 small spoon.

Cooking cheese

Before making cheese kefir, cottage cheese should be prepared.For this we need to pour milk drink in a large bowl, then set it in a water bath and gradually heated.As a result of heat treatment you should separate the serum.The main thing with this - do not overdo the kefir and in any case do not bring it to a boil.

After the yogurt becomes dense and it produces large white flakes, it should be discarded to a colander lined with cheesecloth previously.Next, you want to squeeze all the excess product with the liquid contents of the tie in the bag and hung over a bowl to 16-22 minutes.During this time, the moisture leaves and yogurt is converted into cheese.

Cooking cheese

As you can see, cook cheese from kefir is not directly obtained.From dairy drink, be sure to make the cheese, and only then begin to create the desired product.

Once granular ingredient is ready and it will take all of the excess moisture, it needs to put in a deep bowl, then add egg, a tablespoon soda, sweet peppers, butter and table salt.The above ingredients you need to stretch much fork, and then all over again put in a water bath.Thus for breast mass required to constantly monitor.As soon as it starts to melt (about three minutes), it should be intensively interfere with a wooden spatula.This process is recommended as long as the whole mass will not remind you of the consistency of cream cheese.In other words, you should form a viscous yellow product of the homogeneous state, ie, without a lump.Typically, this process takes about ¼ hour.

Form a soft cheese

As you can see, cheese yogurt at home is not very difficult to do.After the dairy mass will be fully ready, it should be expanded in the shaper.This dish must be prepared in advance.It requires a well to wash, dry and grease-lubricated with butter.Ideally, you should use any plastic container or bamboo bowl.

Thus, the finished curd must be firmly put into the form and then send in the refrigerator compartment.In this state, it is desirable to maintain the product for about 2 hours.

How to Use?

cheese from yogurt, homemade recipe has been presented above, it is considered to be unfit for consumption after it freezes well.It should be cut into pieces and not thick to present the table with bread and butter.

If you want a spicy cheese made from yogurt at home, the cottage, made of fermented milk drink, is required in addition to add any spices, seasonings, nuts and other ingredients.As a result, you get a natural dairy product, which is likely to appeal to absolutely all your family members.

Cottage cheese from kefir: a simple recipe for cooking

As mentioned above, making homemade cheese can be a variety of ways.This section of the article we have decided to present you the easiest and quickest recipe, through which you can get the most delicious dairy product as close as possible to the Adyghe.

So to make yogurt cheese at home, we need:

  • yogurt home or shop is not very fat - 2 bottles or 2 liter;
  • salt - dessert spoon (or less can be more used to taste);
  • garlic - a couple of cloves;
  • sugar - used to taste;
  • fresh herbs - used to taste.

Cooking kefir

Milk, yogurt, cheese - is the most popular dairy product that does not need advertising.It should also be noted that the last two ingredients can be easily obtained by treatment of the former.How exactly, we describe now.

If you do not want to make homemade cheese from purchased yogurt, then offer to cook it yourself.For this rural milk requires slightly warmed, and then add the 2 large spoons of sour milk drink, mix well, close the plastic lid, wrap up in a blanket and keep warm even for a day.As a result, you should get a natural home high fat yogurt.

Heat Treatment kefir

How to make your own homemade cheese?Kefir (sour milk) - is the basis of the said product.After the dairy drink is ready, it should pour into a bowl and put in a water bath.Preheat recommended it very slowly, to separate the serum.Usually, the process takes about 20-28 minutes of free time.

spinning process as in the previous recipe, thermal processing dairy drink should be carried out as long as it thickens.In the future, the contents of the bowl is required to discard in a colander, to be a great advance vystelit multilayer gauze.

When all the excess moisture to drain, you need to get a lot of taste to add table salt, sugar and grated chives and finely chopped greens.All these ingredients are thoroughly mash with fork required in order to spice evenly distributed on dairy products.

Finally granular mass should be put back in the thick gauze and a good tie.The resulting bundle must be put in a colander or any other dish with holes, and then press the load.As oppression perfect three-liter glass jar, filled with water up to the top.

In this state, the product is recommended to maintain for 1-2 days.During this time, all the moisture has to leave the curd, making it more supple and delicious.

If you need to get more cheese, then pressing it with the yoke should be a little longer.But in this case it must be placed in the freezer, otherwise it is moldy and zakisnet.

How to present to the table?

Once cottage cheese under the load and configure themselves maximally lose all moisture, it should be removed from the cheesecloth and place in a container with a lid.As such, the product should be stored in the cold no more than two days.Serve it to the table must be together with bread and butter.In addition, the cottage cheese often make a variety of salads, pizza and main dishes and casseroles.


Almost all self-made cheeses and yogurt, processed cheese resemble or soft (Adygei) dairy products.As for the solid, then its production requires special technology, which is very difficult to arrange at home.

Also note that you can significantly change the taste quality of homemade cheeses, adding to them certain components.By the way, during the preparation of such a product is whey separated from kefir, it is not recommended to pour.After all of it can get very tasty pancakes or hash.