Which is better to put a window in the apartment and in the house?

Wanting to reduce the cost of heating homes, special attention should be given to replacing the windows.As is known, through the surface of the glass and the frame is the most significant heat loss.Determine what better to put a window in the apartment, will study the technical characteristics of the existing types of products, as well as reviews of the represented brands.

Forms windows

choosing material for windows, balcony and door frames, you should know the quality of each type and manufacturing technology.

In the case of thermal insulation is not necessary to save the elements used products.Today, there are a number of technologies.Which is better to put a window in the apartment determines the temperature in the winter.It is important to take into account the scope of the products.

To date, the most famous are the kinds of metal and plastic, wooden and aluminum windows.

main criteria in the selection of products deemed profile type and quality of glass.Significantly, a window company considered for selection.

It should be remembered that savings when choosing the best windows in the apartment in the winter turn embezzlement to pay the bills for the consumption of energy resources.Quality windows will last much longer than cheaper varieties.


an important role in selecting the best windows, which are installed in a private home or apartment, playing the type of glass.

design is a product of 2-4 glasses, which are mounted in the profile having from 1 to 5 chambers filled with gas.

deciding which is better to put a window in a private house or apartment, you should ask what glazing for optimal climatic conditions.

plays the role of the distance between the panes.It is better if it is greater than 16 mm.The indicator affects the width of the profile.His chamber filled with gas or dry air.It is sometimes used for this purpose argon.To pick up a special glass, which have low emissions and called K-glass.

types of glasses

choosing the best plastic windows in the apartment, should determine the type of glass.There are kinds of standard and improved functional subtypes.

most commonly used brands of glass M0 and M1.

to effects that have improved their varieties, include the following types:

  • reflective glass reflects sunlight well, hiding from their effects;
  • laminated glass protects the home from burglars penetration through the window;
  • tempered glass has a high resistance to mechanical damage;
  • fire resistant reinforced glass.

Plastic windows

Most users choosing the best windows to be installed in the house, preferred metal-plastic.

It is fairly inexpensive type of windows, which gives housing neat appearance.Allowed to choose a variety of effects of product design.

in question, which is better to put a window in a private house, apartment or office, a good solution would be metal and plastic.

The advantages of this material include:

  • durability - Design does not crack;
  • no deformation of the product under the influence of the environment;
  • not require special care, periodic painting;
  • good performance of sound and heat insulation;
  • ease of repair, which is produced on the spot quickly.

service life of plastic windows is about 40 years.

There are drawbacks to this type of construction.There is a possibility of depressurization insulating glass by mechanical action that significantly affects the properties of the product.

room require constant ventilation.In case of wrong selection of glass possible misting.When deciding what is better to put new windows in the apartment, you should consult with a specialist.

Wooden windows, their types

Wooden windows - a classic.They were used in the construction business for many years.

Today, their technology has improved and finalized.

deciding what is best to put wooden windows, be aware that there are two types of products: carpentry and euro windows.

Joiner's kind of reminiscent of the famous appearance of the window of the former Soviet Union.The difference is that the new products are finalized.

is used for the manufacture of modern furniture, can comfortably control the position of the valves.Includes such items are delivered with a special seal.Choosing the best Wooden windows for apartments, you should pay attention to this option.They are pretty high quality and durable.

Euro windows are made of laminated veneer lumber, which does not crack and does not crack.New windows of this type are similar to those of metal and plastic products.Introduced an option to resolve the issue, which is better to place wooden windows in the apartment.

Features wooden windows

advantages of wooden windows are:

  • strength and protection against dust
  • profile has the ability to "breathe";
  • possibility of very cold winters;
  • and environmental hygiene;
  • long life.

The weak representation of the type of windows should be noted their high cost, as well as increased demands on the quality of the wood.Poor dried, it may sag over time, leading to deformation of the windows.Therefore, choosing what to put wooden windows, the best solution would be a high-quality material.

Aluminium windows

aluminum frames for windows are indispensable if the required large size product or works produced at altitude.

determine which is better to put a window in the house, it should be noted that the aluminum variants are all-glass facade design without visible bridges.They are often used for glazing skyscrapers, high-rise offices.

Gamma shades of products more than other types of windows that allows you to create an original image.

This is the most expensive option.When deciding what is better to put a window in your house, apartment, balcony blocks, each chooses the optimal cost and functionality options.

Window manufacturers

windows on the market there are many brands.Sometimes difficult to choose which manufacturer will provide the best quality products at an affordable price.

to determine what firm the window is better to put in an apartment, you should pay attention to the period of existence of the company.

proven by years of work, manufacturers provide their systems guarantee 3-5 years.These windows do last a long time if they are properly installed.

choosing a company whose windows are best for installation in an apartment, do not skimp on quality.

difference between brands is carefully executed process cycle.Quality windows provide only those firms which clearly control the process at every stage.

Among the most popular to date window manufacturers stand German companies.Their products have confirmed the quality and years of excellent job in providing a full range of services.Among the most well-known manufacturers stand KBE, REHAU, VEKA, TROCAL, PROPLEX.

What better to put a window on a balcony in the room apartment, private house or office client decides independently.But the most popular manufacturers deserve a detailed explanation.

companies KBE, REHAU

presented producers are German companies operating for many years.These brands are best known for our customers.

Because of these qualities KBE is the leader among similar companies.KBE produces windows for over 25 years.The peculiarity of the company is its full renunciation of the use of lead in the materials.This eco-friendly products.

REHAU window exists in the market since 1958.Its products are of the highest quality.Among the companies the windows it is given second place in popularity.

expanding products, REHAU has all chances to become a leader in the short term.However, the cost of these windows is sufficiently high.


VEKA company operating on the Russian market for more than 10 years.The company describes the wide range of glass items and a variety of design solutions window decoration.The cost of production refers to the mainstream segment.The third place belongs to the demand for VEKA on the right.

Feedback from users one of the best companies producing windows in the house, is the company TROCAL.This is one of well-known brands, whose products are the optimal ratio "price-quality."The cost of installation and manufacture of windows TROCAL fully justified.

PROPLEX Austrian company has adapted its products to the climatic conditions of our country.A number of profiles that meet all international standards and requirements.Plastic is made by the original technology and is environmentally friendly.The price of products is quite acceptable.

What better to put a window in the apartment, everyone decides, based on their budget and functional requirements of the product.It's worth noting that all of these manufacturers have corresponding certificates of quality and confirmed the durability of their products.

of consumers

very useful when making the choice of the company making the window will ask the review, which receives each brand.

All people are different, they put forward the requirements for window systems are diverse.However, unanimity of positive feedback about the firm KBE makes conclusions about the high quality products.These products have an ideal heat-retaining capacity, which acts as a decisive factor in deciding which is better to put a window in the apartment.Reviews consumers unanimously that KBE fully justifies its cost, and meets the requirements of customers.Negative reviews Manufacturer hard to find.Is that sometimes people complain about the high price of windows.

Reviews the company REHAU found overwhelmingly positive.The windows comply with all requirements.Among the negative comments found statements about the need for frequent airing of the room.

Comments Manufacturer TROCAL mark the optimal ratio "price-quality."

Company PROPLEX characterized as an expensive producer.Complaints about the quality has not been found.Products can withstand all tests of climatic conditions.

VEKA But when the level of the mercury column street thermometer -50 degrees, according to user feedback, not always pass such tests.However, for the less cold areas they fit perfectly.Warranty The manufacturer performs the full.

reviewing the existing varieties of windows, manufacturers, and user reviews of the most popular companies, everyone can find their way in a large number of proposals.Which is better to put a window in the apartment, everyone decides according to its financial possibilities and requirements of the product.However, remember not to overpay for heating in the winter, you must purchase a copy of the highest quality.