Chalcedony and reddish orange color is carnelian.The properties of the stone is very strong, so it is known to mankind since ancient times.Many centuries ago, the value of the mineral was in line with diamonds, emeralds, pearls, precious opal and red carbuncle.Topaz, sapphire, gold and silver were worth much less this gem.Carnelian was a favorite of many famous and powerful people.Cleopatra in a vessel made of stone kept eyeshadow, from Tamerlane was a buckle decorated with mineral and Byron wore a ring with a gem.

In ancient Egypt, for the manufacture of ritual and traditional ornaments in most cases used carnelian.Properties of stone known to many sages and healers, so try to use them for good.It was believed that the mineral is able to protect against dark magic and enemies, subdue during quarrels, save by lightning.Anyone who wore jewelry with carnelian, knew how to keep secrets, was a brave and strong, do not waste in vain vitality.

Stone strengthens teeth, cures nervous disorders and fevers, establishes the menstrual cycle, has antibacterial properties.Suffering from Graves' disease is recommended to wear a necklace of this mineral.From severe headache helps carnelian.Properties stone repeatedly rescued pregnant women: mothers put it in his mouth.

You have to be very careful with mineral suspended form, since it can amplify anger.In this case it is better to wear a carnelian in the ring and on the pendants, beads and beads to give.Favorable for the treatment of circulatory system and regulation of the thyroid gland has a carnelian stone-properties.Sign of the Zodiac, which is ideal, this mineral - Virgo, it will be good for the Twins.Representatives of the earth element it helps to cope with uncontrolled bouts of anger and irritation, and the people of the air element - show hidden talents and abilities, to develop them.

migraine stones should be put on the closed eyelids, if a long time to wear jewelry with carnelian, you can get rid of tumors and ulcers.In ancient times, powdered mineral is taken as a drug, because he is capable to cure kidney disease, stop the internal bleeding, and improve circulation.Gem of restoring hearing and helps with arrhythmias.It is used by yogis as affects the frontal chakra.

family well-being, faith and love embodies carnelian.Price at him in ancient times, not in vain was high, because the stone attracts prosperity, fueling its owner cosmic energy, developing talents.This mineral is very valued and respected Muslims, therefore, in the East it is always used in the manufacture of talismans and amulets to protect against evil spells, the evil eye, envy and love imposed.

for traders, creative people and craftsmen the best mascot is carnelian.The properties of the stone aimed at strengthening the memory, display of clairvoyance.He also makes an eloquent man, improves mood, helps to survive in difficult situations, it is considered a great help in cases does not allow to miss.Such an amulet to protect against natural disasters and premature death.