Proper feeding of laying hens - a pledge of good productivity!

Many household has chickens, ducks, goats, pigs.But few know how is necessary to keep these animals.In this article you will learn how to breast-laying hens affects their productivity and how to feed them, to improve the results.

Pets eggs always cost more because they have excellent taste, size and shape.Therefore, experienced poultry favor those species that have a high egg-laying, and pay special attention to their diet, correctly picking all the ingredients.

What to feed laying hens

With proper nutrition bird must receive all the necessary vitamins it useful, especially those that affect the formation, growth and the formation of eggs.For example, when a lack of calcium in the body shell is soft, prone to deformation and damage.

The main diet of chickens at the poultry farm includes feed.It is a unique mixture of different cereals with high content of essential vitamins and minerals that are useful not only birds, but also other animals.Quite often, to increase egg production it is added premixes and vitamin complexes.

Amino acids are essential to prevent cannibalism (when birds are destroying their own kind).To avoid such problems will add to the diet of chickens food of animal origin: fish, meat and bone meal, soybean meal.

Minerals, calcium - these substances have an impact on poultry egg production.Each egg chicken body loses 2 grams of calcium, so it is necessary to make up for the lack.Calcium deficiency - a thin shell, and a surplus - loss of appetite in layers, weight loss and reduction in the number of eggs.Supplements rich in minerals: bone meal, chalk, salt, limestone, shell.

Feeding hens at home is different from the production.Most often, they are given a grain in kind: wheat, barley, oats, corn, rye, peas and millet.

also proper feeding of laying hens provides the addition of gravel.It is not digested in the stomach, and it is in more than two months.Stones promote chafing feed, which facilitates the assimilation of vitamins.It should be emphasized that the sand can not replace it, as entering the intestine, it irritates the mucosa, and without delay excreted.

in feeding laying hens and water included.Near the trough should be placed troughs with a clean and fresh water.Sometimes it is appropriate to add to the water a weak solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate).

is important to make sure that the chickens were not hungry, but do not overeat.Obesity is contraindicated, as they stop to lay eggs.

roughness, pale yolks or just small eggs - all this is to pay attention, as this may be due to lack of some nutrients.

Proper feeding laying hens guarantees the quality of eggs every day, which can bring considerable revenue poultry farmers.