How many lives decorative rabbit?

deciding to have a pet, future owners justifiably begin to gather all the available information about him.The question of how many lives a rabbit, may be far from idle, especially if there are children in the family, who have always felt keenly the death of pets.And adults are often attached with all my heart for these cute little animals.For this reason, the loss of a rabbit sometimes difficult to start a new one.

So many lives dwarf rabbit and the rabbit decorative?In fact, the answer often depends on the conditions in which the animal is contained.But generally speaking, it is a decorative rabbit can live an average of about 7 years.Dwarf rocks live several smaller - up to 5 years.However, these terms are relative.In some cases, these pets can live 10 to 12 years.This period is considered to be the limit for them.

question of how many lives the rabbit, much depends on the balance between supply.Furthermore, it is necessary to provide conditions for animal leeway.To do this, choose the appropriate box.The fact that these animals are inherently different mobility.For dwarf rabbit and decorative home size should be at least 90x60 cm. In addition, the animal is necessary from time to time to let out to run and frolic on freedom, of course, in an apartment or a holiday home.

very much a question of how many lives a rabbit depends on the breed.Fold Krol live on average a little longer than their counterparts with erect ears.In addition, it often happens that the animal without any apparent reason survives to record for its type of terms.Some individuals may well feel well and at 10 and 12 years old.But this is rare.Typically, dwarf rabbits in the 3 years are beginning to age.They hang down the abdomen, eyes become unclear, and wool - rare.The animal thus loses activity.

Sometimes the question of how many live domestic rabbits, depends on whether they have implemented their ability to reproduce or not.Sterilized samochki actually can live much longer than their relatives, occasionally produce offspring (provided good content - up to 12 years).Here's the deal may be in the wear body.After pregnancy - it is always a heavy load on it.

Much depends on what parents have been a rabbit.That is, on how well the animal genes in terms of resistance to diseases.Breeders, breeders of animals for meat and wool, for example, are paying increased attention to this issue.Even if a rabbit overbite, do not allow him the appearance of offspring.

So, we have examined in detail the question of how many years of live rabbits.It depends primarily on the conditions, genetics and animal species.Buy your pet a spacious cage and feed him properly.Let him run every evening at least an hour.Only in this case, the rabbit will feel great and live for many years.