How to make of the "Lego" building: detailed instructions.

For decades, LEGO building blocks are very popular.Almost every family has several models or even a series of toy giant.The secret of long-term popularity that this is not just a normal constructor.It is a fairy-tale world, with its unique history, characters and incredible houses and castles.To collect them, sometimes just enough wit and observation.Therefore, before you make of "Lego" building, you need to familiarize yourself with steps and gain some experience.

bit about the history of the brand

Danish toy company began its triumphal march in 1932.It all started with a simple wooden toys.A certain carpenter Ole Christiansen, together with its own 12-year-old son during the crisis decided to change profession and go toys.It was a turning point in the history of the common man and the world of children.

Already in the late 50's there was the first theme set designer.And in 1968, it was built a toy town from the huge number of plastic detalek.Since then, even arranged competitions and festivals, "Lego."In addition, a host of copyright guidelines for assembling the separate compositions, including "How to make" Lego "home."These instructions were the most popular, t. To. In almost any series of designer have any buildings: castles, houses and cottages.

most interesting is that even the details in 1958 issue almost completely meet today and are suitable for use in any of the modern series of hits.The production technology and the idea of ​​the company have not lost their relevance today.

popular series

Since its inception, and until today the company has released a huge amount of Lego stories.Their number has long exceeded one hundred.But the most interesting are those series that illustrate fairy tales or, on the contrary, almost completely repeat what we see around themselves every day.In any of them are present in any building.And each must decide how to build a house from the "Lego" is correct, that it has turned a natural and beautiful.

Whenever appeared once set, it became a significant event in the history of the company, and in the lives of ordinary children.Each of these series is unique and has its own individual characteristics and advantages.That is why is difficult to name the popular ones.But the most sensational sets are considered "Bionicle", "Lego-tech", Dino, Castle, Space, Lego Duplo, Ninjago, and many others.By the way, much of it produced for decades and still has not lost its relevance and ranking.

interesting model "Lego", built with his own hands

These designers have long ceased to be only children.Now they are the subject of a kind of competition in originality and scale of buildings.The most original of the series "How to make of the" Lego "building", began:

1. Colosseum.This is one of the large-scale projections, created from the usual children's designer.Its author - Ryan McNaught.The Colosseum is in the section, with one half showing the current state, and the second - the era of the dawn of 50 liters.BC.

2. Football Stadium.This is a true copy of the current German Allianz Arena.This model saw the world in 2006.Moreover, its construction took more than 400 thousand. Lego parts.

3. The legendary battle of "The Lord of the Rings."The battle was immortalized at Helm's Deep.Here, to make the towers, walls and siege engines, the author needed to collect about 150 thousand. Pieces.

4. Walking the city.This interesting structure was assembled in 2010.Creator tried to illustrate their own ideas about the eco-city of the future.

How to make "Lego" building?With a series of start?

Some models and kits of the Danish company sophisticated enough.Therefore, in order from the "Lego" make the home, the instruction is required.The only way to understand all the nuances.If we resort to the step by step guide is not desirable, it is necessary to start with the most simple sets:

  • «A Doll's House."This simple constructor is designed specifically for girls.It has 3 floors, a balcony, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.It does not require a flight of fancy, all clearly and concisely.
  • «Beach home."This kit is inexpensive and fairly simple, t. To. The summer houses are always a little austere.They do not have complex structures and components, such as in a set of "Lego" "House on Wheels".
  • «Tree House."This dream is also embodied in the play sets.The creators offer 3 main variations, but every child will be able to add something of his own.

How to build a house from the "Lego": a few tips

you purchased a series of long-awaited favorite designer, but do not know where to start and what to do first?This is quite normal.Before you build a house from the "Lego", should take into account several universal and special tips for the owners of this toy:

1. The first step - to verify that all components in accordance with the instructions.This is to ensure that in the build process does not suddenly find missing or extra items.

2. You can see the design options that exist not only in the manual, but also on the Internet.

3. You can buy a set of "Freestyle" for standard parts, such as "Lego City".How to make a house out of them will tell you, even a child.But if you doubt your own abilities, we go on.

4. If the constructor is old, and the scheme to it is lost, you can use the official brand website "Lego."However, for this article need toys.

It is usually better to purchase kits from the same series, t. To. The details of the different series are different in size and diameter.

collect Lego house.Step by step instructions

As a rule, all designs of buildings and structures have the same principle of construction.They differ only in the details and add-ons.Therefore, the basic steps on the question of how to make "Lego" building, look like:

  1. create a platform.This can spread the lines of blocks until naroschena desired value.
  2. spread the blank walls.We need to think in advance where they will be windows, doors and various balconies.
  3. build walls and windows with access.
  4. Making the roof.You can use ordinary bricks, gradually spreading their steps on all four sides, or use a special roof, which is present in some designs.