Grout Tile Epoxy: reviews and advice on choosing

Grouting is done after laying tiles or mosaics.From the choice of materials and accuracy of execution of this final stage it depends largely on the duration of operation of the finished coating and its appearance.

Grout Tile Epoxy

epoxy grout - a mixture of colored trowel, which is applied to the seam between the tiles.It performs it is not only a decorative function, but also protective.This type of grout is in great demand because of the ease of application, simplicity of use and high strength.Epoxy grout is used for tile or grout space between the tiles.It is produced artificially colored quartz, so that it can be combined with any interior.

not just floating ...

Grout Tile Epoxy is also often called a two-component, as to obtain such a mixture of the two components are mixed:

  • «A" - epoxy resin in combination with flint fillers and additives;
  • «B» - hardener.

components are thoroughly mixed, resulting in a sufficiently ductile structure.

Grout Tile component epoxy (or as it is sometimes referred to colloquially, epoxy) hardens much faster than conventional cement-based solution, it is important to consider when grouting and promptly remove the excess with a tiled surface composition.

have epoxy grout color is set immediately as silica sand, which acts as a mineral filler, already painted.With a rich palette, you can easily choose the color, the most suitable to the color tiles or mosaics.

design and reliability

traditional cement grout at facing surfaces of smalt, glass mosaics, marble, etc.It can not always meet the aesthetic requirements.

Grout Tile Epoxy has enough variety of colors: more than a dozen colors, complemented by various decorative effects - "pearl", "bronze", "metallic", "silver", as well as transparent blends which do not distort the visual perception of the lining.Color is maintained throughout the life of the decorative coating.

Many know firsthand that with time jammed joints are covered by rust, are beginning to get dark and exposed to mold - as a rule, is a common problem of all the showers, bathrooms, kitchens and mosaic tile comes in contact with water.

Grout Tile Epoxy forms a very strong and dense layer that is able to withstand high loads.In addition, it does not absorb dirt and rust, will not crack, scratch, eventually loses its qualities, as opposed to a cement grout.It also has good resistance to fungi, the influence of ultraviolet radiation and aggressive chemicals, waterproof, easy to carry and heat the sauna and freezing temperatures.

Processing epoxy grout joints can significantly increase their service life.

epoxy grout for tile: reviews

One of the main reasons why consumers give preference to epoxy grout is their good resistance to aggressive chemicals.It is resistant, making cleaning agents it can not cause harm when they use the surface of the seams does not change color.

In addition, as many say, the epoxy grout can be used on porous tile - it leaves no streaks of color, sometimes appearing after applying grout based on cement.

Feedback from users, epoxy grout is now often used in the repair of the apartment design level, where a careful selection of colors, decorative effects.Such smoothing is usually chosen by people who appreciate design and quality.

epoxy grout tile gathered very positive reviews.


Grouting tile epoxy virtually universal.Due to its high durability and resistance to alkalis and acids, it can be used in places with a high concentration of people, industry public buildings, laboratories, food processing workshops, swimming pool and hammam.At home, data smoothing is most frequently used in bathrooms, balconies, terraces, on the kitchen wearing an apron and a mosaic table top, where the tile joints are subjected to high loads.

Masters mozaichniki appreciate fine quality epoxy grout.

Price question

Cost is an important factor in the choice of building materials.The high price - the main disadvantage of epoxy grout and, most likely, it is this - the reason that they have not received as cement, quite widespread.This option is particularly suitable for those who put quality and reliability over the money issue.

Features of

choosing epoxy grout, it should be understood that the material is substantially different from the traditional cement composition.If a conventional grouting work can afford some deviation from the proportion in relation to the epoxy grout such liberties simply unacceptable.

epoxy grout for a tile is not particularly difficult to use, but it requires the use of a particular culture: respect for dosage accuracy and time constraints.For example, if not needed to activate the whole jar with a weight of 5 kg, and only some portion thereof.To this should be sufficient to measure the exact amount of the two components, unlike cement grout, which is often mixed, so to speak, to the eye.There is also a mixture of rubbing with a decorative effect ("gold" and "silver") to be weighed on electronic scales.

In this regard, even it is believed that the use of epoxy grout can only professionals who have a special training.Despite the fact that such an approach is quite categorical, however, it has yet to acknowledge that the epoxy requires certain skills and utmost care.If a person had never worked with such a composition, it is recommended to try on a small area, after referring to the instruction and technology applications of the product.

main problem of epoxy grout is that it is difficult to wash off - even after drying the surface remains sticky plaque.Leave it to the next day is impossible, as the epoxy resin after a while begins to polymerize, remove it then it will be virtually impossible - need to use chemicals or act mechanically.

epoxy grout LITOKOL

Grout Tile Epoxy LITOKOL has several advantages over other similar products, as:

  • it has no smell;
  • it can be used maloprovetrivaemyh premises;
  • it easy and simple to apply;
  • grout quite resistant to sudden changes in temperature and humidity.

epoxy grout can be stored for 2 years, the minimum storage temperature - not higher than + 5 ° C.Keep grout and at lower temperatures it is impossible, as it can harden and lose their beneficial qualities.

LITOKOL Italian company offers its customers 103 different colored epoxy grout, including a variety of effects, such as "gold", "metallic", "bronze", etc.Due to the expanded color gamut of epoxy grout, you can create a warm and cozy atmosphere in any room.