For all she walked across Asia, though the house never gone

Student failed to convince the relatives and friends that traveled in Southeast Asia, although in fact never left.She thus decided to conduct an original experiment to show people that using the photos can be easily manipulated consciousness.

Waving handle family at the airport, 25-year-old Dutch Zilla van der Born has taken all possible measures to ensure that her family and friends were convinced that she went to travel to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, whilein fact, the young woman did not leave the native of Amsterdam.

Unknown to all but helps it to carry out its plan boyfriend, a student secretly returned to the city and held an imaginary travel all the time on the computer, in the solarium, swimming pool and a local zoo.

Using their skills in working with Photoshop, she showed friends in "Facebook" as resting and sunning on the beach, scuba diving with exotic fish and visited numerous Buddhist monasteries.

Zille managed to create the illusion of a trip - to look tanned, she went to the solarium and photographed against the backdrop of the Asian tissue, relieve themselves in the pool, which turns into a sea of ​​Photoshop, I call someone on Skype allegedly from Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, andActually there was at this time in his apartment.Messages she sent to heighten pravdobodobiya night - taking into account the time difference between South Asia and Vostchnoy Holland.

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She even professional otfotoshopit himself to ride a tuk-tuk.

None of the relatives are not solved this trick while Zillah she did not open the card.According to her, the project was conceived and made in order to show how the pictures in social networks can falsify the real life.

False Zillah journey was part of the school project, which aims - to show that in fact, Facebook does not tell the real life of users.Our page on the social network - it's just a projection of what we want to see their lives."I wanted to show how easy it is to distort reality.Everyone knows that, for example, photos of models in magazines retouch.But we do not notice the fact that we are on Facebook, "retouch" the reality and his own life, "- he commented Van der Borne his act.

Photo source: Caters,