What does an expert on tenders?

Looking job, you can often see those professions, the existence of which we had not even heard of.For example, a specialist in tenders or public (government) orders, the offeror, the declarant ... What is that position?What qualities and skills must have an expert on tenders?

Scope of responsibilities The main tasks of this official registration is participating in the so-called state (public) orders.
Otherwise - tenders and competitions.What exactly is meant?First of all, participation in formal legal training and carrying out procedures for the giving or receiving government contracts (both classical and by sector).The tender winner is not only the cheapest offer, but first of all, the company that is fully compliant.At the same time receiving the order provides a profitable enterprise work in the years ahead, therefore, the cost of failure is particularly high.Offer must not only conform to the law on tender production, but also the internal statutes of the company.Control over the correct assessment of the value of the order and preparation of estimates is also included in the scope of duties.Secondly, an expert on tenders is responsible for ensuring the appropriate disposal of the board of directors or immediate supervisor.In addition, he is developing a project specification of essential terms of the order.It also conducts negotiations with contractors to clarify doubts and questions.

procedures and processes

Job Description Specialist tender is depending on whether he will represent the customer or the company as a participant.In the first case, his responsibilities include procedures such as registration requirements, reception and analysis applications.Together with the guidance of a specialist in tenders will have to assess the profitability of cooperation with each participant and choose the best option - that is the winner.He also informed the authorities about the rejection of the offer.If there were no competitive bids, the procedure is canceled.Then, in the accounting department passed an order for the return of the collateral (vadium) performers.Actions and procedures are documented in the course of the whole process of the protocols drawn up with applications.Specialist tenders also keeps records of orders given by the company, and monitors expenditures.Sometimes his duties will also include the processing of information regarding assignments, as well as cooperation with the portals involved in the official publication of the competitions.In the second case - if the specialist for tenders is a company party - it should not only monitor the various possibilities, but also responsible for the complete set of documents for compliance with the requirements of the customer offer, the pricing policy of the firm.In addition, it must comply with all terms and monitor the implementation of the conditions for participation in the competition.


While virtually no schools that prepare for this profession.The main requirements of employers: higher education (economic, legal or technical) experience in the field of public procurement (at least 3 years), a working knowledge of the relevant laws.
Another advantage is knowledge of foreign languages, because it opens the company to start in the competition in the international market.Salary specialist tenders formed the basis of its experience and potential.In large enterprises, are constantly involved in a competition, it can reach one hundred thousand.Of course, the necessary minimum will also computer skills and qualities such as accuracy, precision, responsibility, independence, good organization of work, the ability and the desire to get a new experience and skills.