Dancing fountain - beautiful and unusual.

word "fountain" of Latin origin and means "power."Natural springs spurting out of the ground, people interested not only as sources of drinking water, but also as an original element of the decor.Already in ancient times, Greeks and Romans adorned the forest caves smoothly hewn stones and fashioned tiles.And then, with the invention of water pipes, the era of the fountains.They were installed in the city's squares and streets, in the courtyards of houses and magnificent palaces.Pergolas, statues, intricate shapes, floating figures - which just does not come up with an engineering idea, coupled with creative imagination!

Water show

rage associated with these artificial reservoirs - dancing fountain.The spectacle is truly amazing!Who has ever seen him, under the impression remains very long.Imagine the music and to the beat of her under a different pressure, the stronger, quieter soar into the sky sparkling jets.Because it is said: dancing fountain.It seems that the jet really began to dance and perform intricate pirouettes.The effect enhances color lights.Laser beams piercing the water columns, stained them in the most fantastic shades.Dancing fountain splashing in sync with the music compositions - great show, to see that - a real pleasure.

Technical details

How did the miracle happen?If you go into all the details of production, people uninitiated are unlikely to understand.Therefore, let us say simply: every dancing fountain - a rather complex engineering structures, working not only on the basis of the laws of physics, but also with the help of complex computer programs.Especially if the jet is not just light up colored lights, and they form the whole water-laser three-dimensional compositions.Naturally, such a structure is expensive, and the more complex its mechanisms, grandiose idea is played out, the higher the price.The most famous show of dancing fountains are estimated at a lot of the state!

At the root

What usually required a crowd of Romans from their rulers?Meal'n'Real!Thousands of years have passed since then, and humanity has changed little.We are still susceptible to all new, unusual, bright, big, giving new experiences.Perhaps this fact and has become the main stimulus for an unknown electrical engineer Otto with a funny name Pristavik.He lived in Berlin and worked in a small restaurant, modestly is perched on one of the capital's outlying streets.It is to him, and it occurred to attract visitors then a completely unique entertainment: connect traffic flowing streams with music and elegant movements of ballet dancers.And what happened in the 20s of the last century.One can imagine the amazement of the public restaurant "Reni", when one came to dinner or to pass a summer evening with friends over a cup of coffee, people saw something unimaginable.Illuminated jets of water, well viewed through the arches of the aisles, swayed, fell, vsplёskivali up and fell according to the tone and rhythm to play the melody.The fountain seemed a living being responsive to each beat of the music!Otto ran the same show Pristavik by clicking on the desired leverage remote control.

From the Old World to the New

brilliant idea to pick up the most practical nation in the world - the Americans.And a decade later, in 1939, on the New York trade fair it was revealed to the world a new miracle - a large fountain and a half thousands of nozzles for water, three million watts of electricity for lighting, huge speakers and nearly 350 st water installations.The musical background for presentation provided Symphony Orchestra.Systems engineers also managed, but not arms, and dedicated buttons on the tape, simulating piano keys.

hurried to "Aquamarine»

Years passed.Brilliant idea Pristavika received the most widespread throughout the world.Now, almost every major city and tourist center has its dancing fountains, and even a single copy.Let us dwell on some of the most interesting.The first thing I want to tell you - the circus of dancing fountains in Moscow, wearing a beautiful name - "Aquamarine".He works since 2009, turning every idea into a fantastic extravaganza.There often appear stars of the best circus arenas.Their performances alternated with outputs metropolitan masters scene.Dancing on Ice is not inferior to the virtuosity and elegance, intricacy rooms original program illustrious Olympic skaters.Trained animals, jokes and entertaining rooms clowns, acrobats exciting outputs - and all this against the background cleverly chosen music and amazing games of sparkling, glittering multi-colored water flows.One gets the distinct feeling that fountains are dancing on the stage, playing, jumping, as full-fledged action hero tales.By the way, "Aquamarine" - the world's only a circus!

Gorky Park

general, its dancing fountains Moscow demonstrates all purely Russian cordiality and hospitality.For example, the largest water park in Gorky Park.It was built before the Olympics-80 for the entertainment of foreign guests.Currently, he "gives" 6 concerts throughout the day and evening.The most impressive is the performance of the night, accompanied by the music playing, chiaroscuro, lasers and pyrotechnics.Here, a favorite vacation spot of young mothers and grandmothers with children, romantic couples and just nature lovers.So on the benches around the fountain always crowded.In intense heat, even many special downhill climb into the body of water - refreshment.On the feast of Airborne has become a tradition of producing sports swim.

Fountain Catherine

Indescribably delightful show of dancing fountains can be seen coming in Tsaritsyno, on average Catherine pond.There was once a brilliant Russian Empress admired feyverkami, gun firing during secular holidays and amusements.And if you compare all the dancing fountains in Moscow, Tsaritsyno is set here in the pond on the island, having the shape of a horseshoe, is the largest in the capital and the most luxurious in every way.Waters was mechanized in the technical reconstruction in 2006-2007.Inside it installed 3312 fixtures to illuminate the water.Nozzles regulating the pressure and flow of liquid water can toss a height of 15 meters.Diameter is the creation of architectural and fine arts is impressive - 55 meters!The volume of the fountain bowl, no less, and 3100 metrov³.The jets have 807 this miracle, every splashes and fall depending on the rhythm of the currently-sounding melodies.During the day the water in the fountain of the sun sparkles and shimmers like a charming old chandelier with diamond pendants.Glitter blinding, and water spray sparkling form clouds of dust.With the onset of the darkness into the light colored spotlights fountain becomes altogether a fantastic view.Its color and acoustic mechanisms are arranged so that can create countless variations of pictures and music.

Traveling to Turkey

Today it has become fashionable to spend their vacations, weekend endy, vacations and all kinds of holidays in exotic locations abroad.The most popular accessible to our tourists, perhaps, is Turkey.Beaches there are clean, service is good and the price is even lower than in the resorts of Russia and Ukraine.More often than lovers of sea, sun and fun go to Dubai.Dancing Fountain it may well claim the title of one of the wonders of the world.It really is a unique creation of engineering and architect's thought, it's fantastic, woven of sound, light, color and water.It is located near the skyscraper Burj Khalifa.Construction equated the largest in the world, and not just in the common area of ​​the reservoir.His jet soars up to the level of 50 floors in the house, that is,150 meters per second processing more than 80 000 liters of water!50 projectors with different color shades and transitions, 600 lamps simulate more than 10 tracks.From the music here sounds classic and modern music, Arab and European motifs."Fine", "great", "powerful experience" - that's just a small list of epithets that are pulled from the enthusiastic audience.

Next Cyprus

Cyprus was also a very popular tourist destination.Although economic shocks after his fame has faded somewhat, where there is also a great time.There are dancing fountains.Cyprus has always been a hospitable island.With great pleasure tourists visit the small town of Protaras.After all, there is "Magic dancing fountains", which includes not only the color effects, but also smoke, computer, fire.The Daily Show with positive emotions such charges, it is possible to admire the countless time.

Here they are - the dancing fountains!