Wall panels for interior decoration.

the rapid growth range of finishing materials in our country is difficult to follow.The selection of such products is very large.But the most popular among buyers of panels for walls.For interior decoration used samples of different materials.Today we introduce you to the most popular products in this group.

panels for walls (for interior decoration) today carried out not only from the traditional tree that corresponds to the classical style of the interior - they are made of new and advanced materials.

wall panels for interior decoration variety

panels are manufactured on the basis of plastic (siding, plastic mirror, PVC), plasterboard, mineral wool.In this regard, they are different characteristics and, accordingly, the area of ​​their application in the construction industry.

According to workers of trade, the most popular panel of MDF and PVC.Why is this type of finishing material as claimed?Wall panels for interior design advantages over other materials are essential.First, they are easy to install.With this work will cope anyone.Secondly, a few hours with the help of panels can completely transform a room.

panels made of natural wood

Simple and elegant appearance - the main reason for their growing popularity.Such panels have long been moved from office to residential areas.They decorate the lounges, lobbies, corridors.

Wood panels can be mounted on the ceiling.And like the decor is not only used in the classical style.It would be appropriate in the English style, Art Deco or Art Nouveau.

Naturally, the price of panels made of precious wood, is quite high.

MDF panels MDF is a modern modification of the fiberboard.Thanks to modern production technologies able to achieve a much higher density of the material.
interior walls MDF panels available in rooms with high humidity, because they are moisture resistant.Such samples easy to sand, and when cutting them do not crumble or break.

panels of fiberboard and particleboard

In the manufacture of these materials are applied different synthetic resins.In recent years, they do not contain formaldehyde - substances dangerous to human health.

Some types of particle board panels are made from wood chips, which is sealed by means of lignin - natural wood glue.This is an environmentally friendly material.

often chipboard panel trim vinyl wallpaper, textiles, that is glued using a special glue.Such patterns improve acoustic and thermal insulation in the room acoustics reduced.

the Russian market MDF, hardboard and VSP represented companies: Agnes, One Step, Atex, Kosche, BS, Kronospan, Klassen, HDM, OSMO.

PVC panels

This type of panel is made from hard plastic with the addition of special softener.

interior walls wall panels based on PVC has a number of advantages.They include no cadmium and asbestos, they are easy to clean, they are moisture resistant, even at the joints, non-flammable and are durable.This breathable, allowing the cover to "breathe."

Today, many of our compatriots are using PVC panels for walls.For the interior decoration of their useful also because they increase the level of sound insulation.

varied design

The great advantage of this material is a large variety of colors, patterns, patterns that allows you to choose a finishing material to any interior.

Figure panel PVC coated printing method, and then varnish it, thereby increasing the antistatic agents, UV-resistance and mechanical damage.The coating can be matte or glossy, and his strength is three times higher than in lacquered wood.

PVC panels can be installed in a bathroom, toilet, kitchen, because they are not afraid of water.

Russian customers are well-known products from companies such as Harol, Deceuninck, Grisfillex, Plastivan.


spectacular Such panels are widely used in the hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms.Quite often they are used in small apartments to increase the visual space.

mirror panels for walls (for interior decoration) are made of polystyrene.From above they are covered with plastic wrap, which can be mirrored or tinted.The panels are available in the classic version or adhesive.

They are well-cut, they are quite easy to apply stamping and text.Due to the flexibility of the material they are used for decoration of columns, pylons, arches and other elements having a rounded surface.Such panels on our market supplies company from Austria SURO-BURG.

Cork panel

This material is not too common in our country, but deserves attention.Cork - a plant tissue obtained from the bark of the cork oak, which grows in Portugal.In one cubic centimeter of such tissue contained approximately 40 million bubbles filled with air.It is a unique material - hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, has a strong sound quality.

plasterboard panel

By drywall in our homes, we have long been accustomed to.It is used in various forms - plates of different sizes and panels, which are covered with vinyl decorated.

Depending on the material, which covers the gypsum plasterboard panels are made of the following types:

  • using the material "Pleteks";
  • PVC-coated paper-based "Devilon";
  • PVC-coated on a "Izoplit";
  • with film PDO or PDSO in the interior.

interior walls under brick

widespread the use of elements in the interior brickwork.This can be the whole wall, lined with their decorative brusochkov or small fragments, both made from brick and materials, its mimic.This can be a paint, wallpaper and various panels.

Decorative wall panels under a brick made of plastic are characterized in that one product that mimics the masonry, there are "wedges" of different shades.For the manufacture of such products except MDF and PVC, other materials are used (hardboard, plywood), but they have limitations in the installation.

Experts recommend purchase a brick wall panels made of MDF.They are quite dense, which allows to mount on the wall lined hanging lockers, shelves for books and so on. D.

advantages of wall panels

1. Pretty simple installation allows you to perform all operations on their own, as soon as possible.The area of ​​the sheet ranges from 3 to 8 m2.Raskraivajut panel ordinary hacksaw.

2. Lightweight panels allows revet virtually any surface, regardless of the basis material.There is no need to conduct costly preparatory work, which naturally reduces the overall cost of the repair or construction.

3. Wall panels - a truly versatile material.They can be used both inside and outside the building, for decoration of ceilings, walls in the loggia or balcony.

5. The panels have a long service life - not less than 10 years.

6. choose the right type of wall panels and their installation following the rules, you can greatly increase the moisture protection, heat and sound insulation of the room.