How to insulate the floor of the private house: recommendations

enough for many important and relevant questions are: "How to insulate the floor in a private house?".The reason is that usually such surfaces have insufficient heat retention performance, so it is important to make every effort to rectify the situation.After carrying out relevant work in dwelling houses will be much more comfortable thanks to the warm floor.So, how to insulate the floor in a private house?

way to do this at the moment, there are many, but as the most common insulation can be called by the thermally insulating linoleum flooring special composition.Fibreboard, too often used as a means of insulation, they then made laying the ground floor, which can be a wooden floor.

usually hosts more worried about the floor on the first floor, as in the cold season it cools fastest.Most homeowners solve this problem through the plaster base, and through the closing for the winter the air vents.

Quite often used for thermal insulation of the double flooring.The first layer in this case is a rough floor which is assembled from planks attached to joists.The main secret of this insulation is a very snug fit planks and beams to each other, which serves as an excellent barrier to the cold air enters the house.Sex can be insulated and through the carpet.Such a material has excellent thermal insulation, and the advantage is that it simply fixed to the floor by means of a special adhesive that is producing this insulation of the building can be and after construction.

If you're wondering how to insulate the floor in a private house, we can say that it is done, and by MDF.The problem is that the existing buildings to carry out such an act is problematic.This is due to the fact that before the start of the work necessary to carry out operations to prepare.For example, you may need removing the baseboards.MDF is usually attached directly to the joists, then to the imposition of the material produced carpet.

Talking about what to insulate the floor, do not forget about such contemporary popular system as floor heating.Here comfort is provided by the heating cable in the concrete floor, which is included in the normal grid.Its quite simple to make: on the basis of sex should be put aluminum foil and then pour the concrete.The heating cable is laid on top.Then you can lay tile floor or lay a special laminate.This method of insulation makes it possible to independently regulate the temperature in the room.A repair of the system to produce enough simple.

clear that it's not all options of how to insulate the floor in a private house, but the above are the most common ones.