Features poultry business

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Many entrepreneurs want to do a sector of the economy as a poultry meat, but we all know that to achieve a good financial result is not so easy.This article will describe some of the features of the poultry business, which can be used to improve the efficiency of the economy.

Readers are encouraged to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Select Region
  • Selecting the type of meat produced
  • The complex

Select Region

Site selection is one of the key aspects of the profitability of any business, and poultry production - is no exception.

below compares the sales prices for chicken meat in different federal districts:

CFA - 88,500 rub. / T

SFD - 82 270 rub. / T

DFO - 88 670 rub. / T

SFD- 91 125 rub. / t

UFO - 88 500 rub. / t

North Caucasus Federal District - 100,000 rubles. / t

PPO - 84 220 rub. / t

Northwestern Federal District - 85 000 rub. / t

AsIt is seen from the data the difference in maximum and minimum prices of 17.7%.Therefore, in the case of the planning of a major project, the company is better positioned in such a way as to focus on the sales regions with high prices, it will increase the company's revenue and profitability.

for small and medium businesses is important not so much choice in the region, as the choice of a particular area within the region, assmall companies supply products to market only one or several neighboring areas.So, wanting to open a chicken farm in the Far Eastern Federal District, and having the opportunity to choose between the neighboring republic Sahoy and the Amur Region, the preference should be given to the first, sincethe average consumer price of chicken products in the Republic of Sakha in the July 2013 is 194 rubles. / kg, and in the Amur region only 136 rubles. / kg, ie,the difference in earnings may be 44%.

Selecting the type of meat produced

Currently, the main type of poultry consumed in Russia is the chicken.In recent years become increasingly popular turkey meat, in the structure of consumption, it has already begun to take a significant share of 2%.Many large enterprises are opening more shops to introduce its range of such products, asthe market is currently more than promising, high growth rates, and higher than the average world price.However, this situation will not last more than 5 years.After all indeykovodcheskie will be implemented projects, the price will inevitably begin to decline and the highly competitive environment to survive will be difficult.Entrepreneurs who want to start a chicken farm highly profitable, it makes sense to pay attention to the other, almost not represented at the Russian market of bird species (which 5 years ago and treated fairly popular today turkey): duck, guinea fowl, quail.Specializing in these kinds of products, you can take a free niche and expect a high growth market in the short term.

The complex

complex farm may include the following housing (department):

  • Incubator
  • workshop on rearing (main hall)
  • slaughterhouse and cutting
  • shop storage products
  • shop downstream
  • Feed mill
  • Transport department

a mandatory part of all poultry meat production is a workshop for rearing and storage of plant products.The other parts, though not binding, but are able to make a significant contribution to the profitability of the project.So deep-processing plant (production of sausages, dumplings, etc.. Semis) and shop for slaughter and butchering poultry increase profitability by an average of 30% each.

in the structure of the cost of production of poultry meat occupy a major share of the cost of food, the proportion is 70%.This level of security Statistics feeds in Russia is only 80%, while the share of high-quality forage even smaller.Create your own feed mill will solve several major problems: increase profitability by reducing feed costs, reduce the risks associated with dependence on suppliers, will improve the quality of its products by selecting the recipe for the greatest weight gain and meat quality.

Own incubator is also able to strongly influence the business: get rid of dependence on suppliers, will enable the quality control will lead to increased profitability of business.

Based on the above it can be concluded that the more production stages includes a complex, the greater the economic efficiency of the enterprise.Therefore, all major poultry production enterprises in the country are a full production cycle.

in this article are just a few features of the poultry business.If you need advice on opening a farm or business plan for a bank or an investor, then please call presented on the official website of our company "Business Development Center" Epic "- epos23.ru.