Icon "deliverer" Mother of God

Icon of Our Lady, which is considered curative, is the Caucasus, one of the monasteries.In this way a long history, shrouded in legends and miracles.

Location icon

Currently icon of the Virgin "Deliverance" is located in the New Athos Simon the Zealot Cathedral at the foot of Mount Athos in Abkhazia.This monastery, founded in 1875 by monks of the temple of St. Panteleimon with the participation of Russian Emperor Alexander III.

Since 2011, he transferred to the Abkhazian Orthodox Church.Christian pilgrims in tens and hundreds try, breaking the long way to get to the Cathedral.Not he seduces them, and wonderful icon depicting the Virgin Mary.Icon "Deliverance" was transferred to Mount Athos in Greece, where there are old men who constantly pray in churches for the salvation of the human race from different afflictions.

Shrine passed new temple monk Martinian in 1884.He lived in the monastery of Saint Panteleimon, which is traditionally considered to be Russian.

Martinian went to the icon "deliverer" of Theodoulos his ascetic.However, in the church records were only retellings of the miraculous deeds of the image at a time when it was owned by the monks.Theodoulos was not endowed with the ability to retell the will of the Virgin Mary.

Legend of Greece

Icon "deliverer" created a lot of miracles, not just to prove that prayers can be answered.Her first miracle was the salvation of the whole city.

According to legend, the image has helped residents of the Greek city of Sparta to withstand the attack of locusts.Bad weather came suddenly, when the townspeople were not ready.Large swarms of insects began to destroy crops and people were doomed to starvation and extinction.

in their city stopped Martinian with miraculous icon.He learned that people in the city are afraid of imminent death, and convinced them to start praying passionately Mother of God.Five thousand believers followed the monk who came for the near field and began to pray to the icon, which is set in the middle of the old man.

And then a miracle happened.Hearing the prayers of the parishioners, the icon of the Mother of God "deliverer" saved places from locusts.Users can once again see the sun, which had previously been hidden for millions of insects.

And the locusts, which still remained, finished her flock of birds that come from nowhere.

boy Anastasios and miraculous rescue

As it happened, the same place and at the time was sick little boy, whose name was Anastasia.Parents vainly struggled with an incurable disease.When she started to progress and hope to do but the kid asked Communion.But the local priest had not come in time.He invited along and Martinian.Together they went to the home of the patient.But not yet.Anastasius died.

priest knew no rest because of being late to the dying.Martinian brought with him an icon, and together they began to pray with the priest of Our Lady, and she helped to resurrect the child.Icon "deliverer from troubles" was always on his body.Asked the priest, and the aged, and parents of the deceased child.

After the prayer was over, three Martinian dubbed Anastasia's face icon.Then the boy's eyes were opened.After communion the priest it, and the child was cured from his last illness.

After such incredible wonders of the elder learned not only throughout the city, but also far beyond.To him every day new people came and asked for help.

Care Martinian

every day thinking elders became more severe.He did not like the fact that people who come to him for help, begin to read like an icon of itself and its.

He decided that it was time to leave the people.When Martinian found a remote cave by the sea and was about to settle there, I came to him in a vision of the Virgin.She said that he was returning to the continued suffering and accomplishes good works, healing others.Martinian obeyed.By the time he got out of the cave, he waited for the relatives of some girl named Elena, who was possessed by a demon.Only the icon of the "deliverer from troubles" could get rid of Ellen who is the devil inside.

icon helps in Russia

After years of helping people old man was to return to Mount Athos, where he took and vratarnitsu itself.Panteleimonov brought it to the monastery.There's also an icon, it was decided to transfer to Russia.From there she went on to treat pilgrims.

In 1891, the press published an article on how the three afflicted in the monastery cured miraculous icon of the "deliverer."

All the works that the images were entered in the lists of St. Petersburg, in the church at the naval hospital.From there you can learn about the miraculous healing of the whole plant workers during the cholera epidemic in 1892.Where workaholic prayed the face, not a single case of the disease.Other shops suffered.

icon often worn on plants, praying to the Holy Virgin help and protection from diseases.

Transfer of holiday icons

Originally a holiday in honor of the image has been appointed as of April 4.But on this day in 1866 in the Emperor Alexander II was attacked.Although the attempt to shoot to kill the king failed, the holiday was postponed.

Day icon has been celebrated on 17 October, yet the old style.The number was not chosen by chance, but in honor of the Emperor Alexander III was able to miraculously survive with his family while being at the station Borki train accident occurred.It was believed that the icon of the Virgin "deliverer from troubles" helped them.

Now the face of the Holy two holidays.One April 30, and the second - 30 October.

Style Icon of the Mother of God Icon "deliverer" belongs to a special style called "Hodegetria".It can be decoded as "Putevoditelnitsa."This style is characterized by the image of the Virgin Mary only from the waist up.In her left hand she is the baby Jesus.Faces turned to the saints praying in front of them.The right hand was a baby captured in a gesture of blessing, and left him a scroll.

his free hand, the Mother of God is near the chest toward his son.

In ancient times, the icons of the Virgin Mary is depicted with even a pentagram - a five-pointed star.She was supposed to symbolize fidelity and exclusivity.But after the end of the 16th century Masonic organizations appropriated the symbol, and later - and the Communists, the star stopped to paint the icons.

Virgin often depicted earlier and do it until now sat with his son on the throne of heaven.This is done in order to emphasize the royal status of the Virgin Mary and the son of God.They also draw with crowns, put on his head.

Characteristic features of this icon

  • at Our Lady has the royal crown, and her son is not;
  • icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary "deliverer" very few small details differ from the image called "Quick to Hearken";
  • image was considered for a long time advocate of the monarchical family, in particular the royal Romanov family.However the icon failed to protect the family of Nicholas II, the last emperor of the massacre;
  • there is another version of the face.It depicts St. Panteleimon healer from Mount Athos, and Simon the Zealot.Both support the icon "deliverer."A little way off from them there is a temple.And on top of them in the clouds sitting at a table three angels.

Icon "deliverer from troubles Tashlinskaya" is considered to be brought from Mount Athos in 1917 in Samara Region.According to church records, some Chugunova Catherine, resident of the village Tashla three times during each night came in a dream the Virgin Mary.She insisted on the fact that buried in a ravine near the village of her icon.When three days later the woman was near the place, in front of her an image of the Mother of God.Leake carried by two angels and lowered it into the ravine.She told me about her dream of the church, and believing this the sign, icon immediately got out of the land.

Where unearthed relic appeared miraculous spring.She suffered in the Church of the Holy Trinity, which immediately served a prayer service.On the same day, when there was an icon, some Trolova Anna from the same village after 32 years of illness miraculously healed.Near the source of the well was built, to which the faithful came to their requests for healing.

survived the persecution of the church, the icon in 2005, had returned to the church, re-erected in her honor.Bombarded with debris recovered well and saw that the water continues to flow there.

Picture Style is somewhat different from the icon in the Caucasus monastery.Inside corners are decorated with paintings according Athos style iconography.It has a flower with ten petals, while on Tashlinsky Surety eight petals, and the Virgin looks at her son.A baby in the picture feet touch almost the bottom.

who pray before an icon

believers who are suffering from any problems, come to the assistance of the Mother of God, referring to her through the holy image.Icon of the Virgin "deliverer", according to church beliefs, answers the prayers of the pure spirit of the people.

Most often pray to her, those who:

  • obsessed with any addiction: alcohol, gaming, tobacco and so on;
  • suffer diseases;
  • want to get rid of mental grief;
  • ask for help in time of trouble;
  • seeking advice in a difficult situation.

Hymn in honor of the Mother of God

first written akathist icon "deliverer" requests that the Virgin Mary took from the enemy the opportunity to influence them, and nauchilat joy and songs in the name of the Blessed Virgin that saves from troubles, grief,from destruction.

second song refers to the Mother of God as a protector of the people and the boss of the angels, send them out to help humanity.

In the third canticle hailed as the very Mother of God and her son.