Mental map visualization as a way of thinking

Now almost everyone knows the phrase "business training".They are used widely in large companies and smaller firms.As a rule, they try to use them as efficiently as possible to organize the work of the staff.We invented them not so long ago, but it was by the method of visualization training become much more productively.Mental map - is the best way to mark the goal and the means.It is much easier detalizirovanie and organization of all the elements.


system of today's popular mind mapping invented the famous psychologist and author Tony Buzan.He has published several hundred articles and books about the intellectual development, psychology and problems of human thought.Of course, he did not become a pioneer in the visualization of the goals and methods of achieving them.With the help of special diagrams and graphic images of Japan in the 70s could virtually revolutionize the economy.But it Buzan presented throughout the scientific world in 1974, own advanced the theory of radiant thinking.Mental map became a hit at the turn of the millennium.

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Tony was able to effectively combine psychology, neurolinguistics, mnemonics and the ability to speed reading, as well as many scientific theories and methods to develop and improve creative thinking.For example, when taking notes, he introduced only two colors in graphics, and memorize them much easier and more interesting.Together with his brother Buzan was able to piece together and to build a coherent theory of all scientific achievements.And there were modern mind maps.

Areas of use developed program

mental maps method has found its practical application in various spheres of human activity.Mind mapping will be useful for managers, employees of any company, teachers, journalists, and so on.. In addition, it can be used in everyday life for a variety of domestic and institutional issues.

most suitable for this technique will develop their creativity and self-examination.This will identify and overcome all the flaws and highlight areas for further development and improvement.

mental maps will be particularly useful in the areas of:

  • storage (preparation to all sorts of examinations, memorizing lists, tables, etc.);
  • training (optimization abstracts, creative writing assignments and better assimilation of textbooks);
  • brainstorming (collective work and new ideas);
  • presentation (the selection of the main and efficient transmission of general purpose and thought);
  • planning (development of its projects and strategy of behavior, as well as the ability to plan their own time, quality);
  • decisions (deep analysis, weighted and substantiated conclusions).

Efficiency mind maps

Using this technique allows you to see many things previously hidden nuances.This opens up new creative possibilities, activated associative thinking.All of this helps to solve unsolvable problems and find a graceful way out of the most complicated situations.

Ready mental maps allow you to store and keep coming back to important information and objectives, structure and improve their own "I".This information contained radiant manner easily understood and easily remembered.Most of the work takes place in the creation of mind maps.Subsequently enough one sight to remember all the details.This can be useful in the implementation of the global challenges and stress of everyday life, when it is difficult to focus on the goal.

Of particular interest is the fact that any human mental map very special.This is a reflection of individual thinking, the imprint of a particular brain.

basic rules for creating mental maps

Each method has its principles of operation and working order.That drawing mental maps has its own rules, which are identified himself Tony Buzan:

  1. should start with a colorful color picture in the center.
  2. All words must be written in capital letters.
  3. Structurally, all proposals should be visually linked.
  4. not need to use too many keywords.Optimally, use a single key on one line.
  5. Pictures and familiar characters only give visibility map.
  6. better to use some bright colors in the project.
  7. No need to try to limit your own thinking.Required to fix everything that comes to mind on a given topic.

Some features build effective mental maps

also in the process of creating and using a smart card, there are several features that require sound and isolation:

  • To visualize goals and objectives will need sheets of standard A4.Then the mental map will be well understood and will contain all necessary information.
  • keys should be placed directly over the lines.This facilitates visibility.
  • need to use block letters.
  • length painted branches shall comply with the key.

Mental map: create

Create mind card is quite simple.It's kind of a tree diagram, where the central branch is the basic idea.

must first be determined the basic idea.Then need a blank sheet of A4 paper.It easily fits the whole mental map.How to make a tree, tells the subconscious.In the middle is to be the main idea, and from it are logically interconnected branches.To properly draw a map, just follow the simple rules laid down by Tony Buzan.In addition, the mental map can be supplemented by numerous notes, so as not to miss anything important.

mental maps in education

As you know, most of my life we ‚Äč‚Äčlearn anything at school, in specialized institutes, at work and even at home.But remember and, more importantly, practically apply the knowledge can not do everything.Too large amounts of information and time constraints do not allow to learn and remember information fully.One solution to these problems can be called mental maps in education.This method was used since the dawn of the development of the theory of Tony Buzan and showed stunning results.

First of all, the method is useful in creating simple and memorable lecture notes, visualization, lectures, writing term papers and essays, and so on. D. One of the brightest examples of mind maps in international education is recognized Cisco CCNA Exploration.The essence of this program lies in the fact that the Academy has divided the work into several sections, chapters and subchapters.Thus each element is supplied in the form of training mental map allocated a particular color.This greatly simplified the delivery and storage of information, and also halve the time for teaching theory.Easy and simple courses are very popular among students and teachers.

Program to create different mental maps

We still live in an age of high and advanced technologies.Now you can use not only their own creativity and creativity, but also special patterns, and computer utility software.There are also special programs to create mental maps.They can be easily found on the Internet, with the applets are paid and free, complex and simple.It gives the right to choose a mate.The most popular of them:

  1. "Mindomo".Available as a free and a paid version expanded.Made in the style of "Microsoft Office."
  2. "Maomyself".The main feature and drawback - there is no possibility of simultaneous operation of multiple users.
  3. "Mindmeister".You can create a free three cards.The interface is simple and intuitive.
  4. "Mind42".Quite a simplified version.There is no possibility to connect the card and attach additional files.
  5. "Xmind".The most popular tool further allows working with diagrams Grant.
  6. "Freemind".The free app, fully adapted to any platform.The drawback - obsolete design.
  7. "BubblUs".Free online program.Create a beautiful and clear mind maps.

errors in the construction of mind card

When you first do something on their own, there may be slight errors, and blots.The same is true for the construction of the project visualized.To avoid them, it is necessary to examine the most common errors that occur when working:

  • too complex and multilevel mental map (it is best to use a kind of notes and cards to keep as simple as possible and clear).
  • same pattern, colors and fonts for the various levels and branches (each level and the key must be appropriately allocated to different visually).
  • lack of figures and icons (these elements provide the functionality of the card. But they need to choose in advance).
  • ambiguity and confusion (all items must be logically linked to each other. Otherwise, it's just a list).