A competent specialist personnel - the key to the prosperity of the company

It's not a secret that the most valuable resource of any enterprise - people.Without them, the equipment will not work, will not sell, stop and cease production.That is why you need to take care of the employees.A competent specialist personnel will try to achieve maximum efficiency and will take care of employee loyalty.What is included in its main duties?What and how I should deal with specialist personnel?

Main responsibilities

First of all, the staff member (regardless of whether he is the head of a department or division, or the only person responsible for personnel) and selects the reception of applicants for work.Consequently, it is a specialist in HR pre decides who should employ and who are not suited to the enterprise.It collects resume and letters of recommendation, study them and assigns an interview those candidates who meet the selection criteria.In the next stage it will have to make a decision that will affect not only the life of a particular employee, but also the entire team, as well as the prospects of the company.Mistakes can cost the company dearly.Therefore, along with the assessment of professional skills, education, human resources specialists must analyze the psychological profile of the candidate.For example, recruiting human conflict, the company runs the risk of reducing the ability to work the rest of the team.If the candidate does not differ assertive, and be responsible for cooperation with the contractors, it can cause damage to the company's inability to defend its position.Analysis of the psychological characteristics of a prospective employee, identifying its priorities and capacities are included in the duties of the Human Resources Specialist.In addition, he will have to deal with registration of contracts of employment, holidays and layoffs.His responsibilities will include the accrual of pension, maternity, travel and other benefits.

training and experience

literate and educated personnel - the key to the prosperity of the company.But training alone (or the end of the psychology department courses for personnel policy) is often not enough.It is very much in the sphere of communication between people depend on intuition, the ability to build relationships.Therefore, it is reasonable to many managers prefer to specialist personnel was not freshly baked graduate and a person with some experience.From his personal qualities depends not only recruitment, but also how united the team will, as far as he is loyal and will act in the interests of the company.As a specialist in the frame - very responsible position, preferably, it will take the most balanced, objective and reasonable man.Otherwise, do not avoid the covert and overt conflicts between management and staff.

Promising whether this post?

On the one hand, a specialist on the staff, especially experienced and knowledgeable - this is the right hand of any entrepreneur.But on the other hand, the position of the slave.In large corporations with career growth, you can take the post of the head of a department of personnel policy.If the ambitions go beyond the specialist work "someone", there is always the possibility to open an outsourcing agency recruitment.Especially in our time, the services of such companies to select personnel for enterprises criteria, are the ever-increasing demand.