Samaritan - a man always ready to help your neighbor

In ancient times, during the years 887-859 BC.e., in the northern part of Judea was located and prosperous state Samaria.We can assume that a Samaritan - a resident of that country.But the word "Samaritan" has another meaning.In the American dictionary, it is interpreted as "the man unselfishly helps others."In English, this expression is used in the 17th century, the reason for this was the biblical parable.

story of the Samaritan

In one of them tells the story of what Jesus Christ even during his life on earth called people to work with him, rescuing neighbors.He argued that such people later inherit his heavenly home.One of the priests, wishing to test Jesus, asked: "How can we earn eternal life and who is our neighbor?" His question, Jesus told a parable.

traveler, following from Jerusalem, met with thieves who robbed, beaten and left half-dead to die on the road.He was beside the priest calmly walked past him.So did a Levite passing by.A third passerby saw lying on the ground beaten by robbers a man approached him.

He was a good Samaritan.He washed the wounds of the affected wine and oil, bandaged them.Put it on the donkey, having spread his cape, he drove to the hotel.Passer left him there in the care of the owner.

pay this man and for living and for patient care.At the end of the story, Jesus asked, "Which of the three do you think was a neighbor?" The priest replied that the neighbor is, of course, was the third passer.Jesus told him to do what the Samaritan did.

«Love your neighbor ...»

priest and the Levite did not assist victims considered themselves righteous.In fact, they are poor and miserable people down, did not consider their neighbors.It was not in their hearts the love of the people.A biblical commandment reads: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself, and do unto them as would like them to do to you."

This case shows that the Samaritan - the embodiment of goodness and love for man.He was not afraid that the robbers can come back and deal with him harshly.He behaved with dignity.And as he could, he helped the victim.Unfortunately, in our lives we found many cases where people indifferently pass by a man who needs extra help.Often mistaken for a drunk lying on the pavement: but he may have a heart attack.At the time of taking the medicine could save his life.

Do not pass

callousness and indifference allow to pass by a person in need of help and support.What is happening around us today suggests that many people do not read the Bible.Because they had no idea who he was - the Good Samaritan, who told the parable of Jesus.

followers of Christ in the Orthodox Church and representatives of other religions calling mankind to peace and goodness.They claim, based on the Bible that a man doeth good, will have eternal life in the kingdom of heaven.Everyone understands these words in his own way, and treats them differently.But inherent in them a call to do good is the driving factor of social development.On this topic there are many legends, true stories and parables.Samaritan - a character of one of them.

Witnesses stories

Currently in Israel, the former Samaria, were the ruins reminiscent of the splendor and wealth of the city, where he lived the good Samaritan.Numerous pilgrims and tourists visiting the Promised Land, recall the biblical commandment: "He who does good to others, he becomes spiritually richer and stronger."Samaritan - a kind, sympathetic person.His heart is filled with love and mercy.It has a selfless assistance to people in need.