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no secret that today, many different categories of goods produced in China.Many say that, thanks to a developed industry, Celestial holds leadership positions in the rating of world economies.In general this is true, because a huge number of entrepreneurs around the world cooperating with Chinese manufacturers exclusively due to the low value of the goods and of acceptable quality.However, do not necessarily have a big business in order to be able to buy products more cheaply.Now, there are many platforms for direct booking inexpensive things from Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers.The largest of them is the site "AliEkspress."It is part of large retail groups in the world - Alibaba - thereby proven sellers' AliEkspress "make millions of sales a day.

What is "AliEkspress"?

"AliEkspressom" is a large online store, a real shopping center, launched in China.Despite their origin, the resource is available in different languages ​​(including Russian).More importantly - to "AliEkspress" You can pay using our own, domestic Internet exchange, in particular, Webmoney, Yandex.Money and Qiwi (conversion is then carried out at the rate of this currency to US dollars).

Sellers on "AliEkspress" - are representatives of various mills and factories of China, who will gladly cooperate with customers all over the world, and so easy to communicate in English.With respect to delivery, it is in most cases free, as carried out by Air Mail or China Post (plane) and normally lasts from 15 to 25 days.In general, the ordered goods today, you should expect that you will get it in 30-45 days.However, anyone can arrange another delivery method, for example, services, DHL or EMS.It should be borne in mind that the price of the delivery can greatly exceed the cost of the product itself.For this reason, the best sellers "AliEkspress" still prefer the cheaper, but more prolonged delivery.

How to follow safety rules when buying?

Undoubtedly, shopping in a Chinese store is associated with certain risks.Among the sellers across fraudsters who want to cash in on gullible buyers from abroad.This is understandable, because there is no pre-screening vendors to "AliEkspress" is not carried out, and their passports they do not show.In addition, you are a victim of fraud, never refer to the Chinese police and were not going to look for fraud.Therefore, anyone who is shopping on this site, it is recommended to pay attention to rating sellers on "AliEkspress."

user with a great rating is already more thoroughly tested by them previously committed transactions.The seller is offering goods cheaper and does not have any sales on your account can be dangerous.Therefore, ordering something, always check the good reputation of the one who will pay money.In order to select vendors, rating, simply click the "Highest Rated" (or Top-rated in the English version), when selecting goods.The site will automatically give products from a trusted shop.This will include marked Gold Supplier and with plenty of feedback.In each of the categories offered on the site has its own "shark."

the Company that can be trusted

So, how to find reliable vendors, we have already written.Also present in this article a small rating of the most reputable companies.In parentheses next to the name of the store we have indicated the number of comments left by the buyer at the time of this writing.It is this criterion as the basis for the rating, and that it is objectively shows how satisfied the customers of these stores as the service and quality of goods.

So, among the first to be called Working For NO.1 (more than 67 thousand reviews), Chinese wind fashion mall (more than 9000 reviews), LoveQ Mall (more than 26 thousand reviews) and Welcome to fashion paradise, Warm smilefashion store (3664 Review), Sheinside Fashion Discount (7362 Review), Dancing in the wind (3645 reviews).Each of these stores represented in the category "Clothing", so choosing a product from them, you can be assured of a secure transaction.

As regards goods in the category "Auto" here as safe can be made by the following vendors: CBT (HK) LTD Store (28,000), KALAWA (more than 21 thousand reviews), Yafee Electronics Ltd (10,000).

in the category "Electronics" trusted recommend ShenZhen YiHang Technology Co., Ltd (13000) and Shenzhen Pophong Communication Co., Ltd.(3560 reviews).

With regard to other categories of products (they are less popular and, therefore, they do not have such specialized stores with authority peddling there many things), the most reliable among them include: Yiwu Dingye EC Firm (14568) China Electronic Centre(8975 reviews), Hello Gift Limited (more than 8000), Igoomart (3867), 2014 Fashion clothing (more than 3 million reviews).

Of course, this is not all the shops, which can be successfully run on "AliEkspress."Using the data from the above rankings, you can roughly estimate the quality of other vendors and draw appropriate conclusions.

mechanism of influence on the rating sellers on "AliEkspress"

Internet portal "AliEkspress", as already noted, the system of rating sellers and product reviews.Verified sellers' AliEkspress "carry out their activities for a long time, have a lot of good comments of customers and, therefore, value their reputation.This is the mechanism of protection of buyers - if they send low-quality goods, the seller will respond to the complaint and either compensate for the money or send new goods.He is profitable to do so, the client eventually left a good tip.And for this they are and seek.

As to the complaint, then "AliEkspress" has a special form that is available after the payment.If the goods did not come, did not come in the way or was tampered other thing you can using this form to start an argument.Doing this is recommended in the English language as a Chinese trader probably owns Russian.As a rule, proven sellers' AliEkspress "promptly consider the complaint and return the money without any additional questions or begin the dispute and force the buyer" aggravate "the situation.In case a complaint to the status of "aggravated the dispute" to the conflict involved the administration of the website and address complaints.

How to refund?

fact, the opening of the dispute is already a reason for a possible refund.The purchaser may specify that it is not so with the goods and in what amount it requires to carry out the return (this can be specified as a percentage).Thereafter, either the seller agrees, or administration of the resource, if the truth is on the side of the buyer, seller can force negligent to recover funds.Before the customer confirms receipt of the goods in the proper form, or pass the term of protection of the transaction, the money to the seller are not available and are in a "frozen" state.In the case of a refund they come to the same extent and in the same wallet, from which the payment.

If you have proven their sellers' AliEkspress ", you can order anything you like.For example, here there are many categories of goods, such as "Electronics and Gadgets," "Home and Family", "toys", "Products for animals", "leisure products," and so on.In fact, looking at all the sections of the portal, we can conclude that is difficult to come up with a product that would not be sold here.This demonstrates the wide profile enterprises in China and the opportunities to buy cheap and affordable stuff here.Try, maybe even yourself something alone?