Streams of the Crimean peninsula .The rivers of the Black Sea : a brief description of .Black River : flow characteristics

Near the Black and Azov Seas is the Crimean Peninsula, which takes a huge amount of rivers and reservoirs.Some chronicles and other sources, it was called Tauridia that was the name of the eponymous province.However, there are many other versions.Scientists are inclined to think that, most likely, the real name of the peninsula came from the word "Kirim" (Turkic language) - "tree", "moat".

Crimean peninsula of Crimea is situated in several climatic zones.The area is dominated by a subtropical southern coast, in the northern part of the peninsula - moderately continental.For summer is characterized by the emergence of seasonal dry winds.
steppe zone of Crimea is located in the temperate climate zone.She has a very dry, hot summers and winters with little snow.Weather quite changeable.On the one hand
Peninsula bordering the Sea of ​​Azov, on the other - black.Because of this, he has no shortage of water streams, their number reaches 1700, among them there are both temporary and permanent that.The main rivers of the Crimea: Salgir, Black, Zuya, indole, Belbek and others.In total there are 150 streams of different sizes.

Features rivers Peninsula

Water grid in Crimea is uneven.The greatest number of falls on the southern and western coast.Due to specific climate, only a few rivers of the Black Sea during the cold season are covered with ice.The longest freezing occurs only in the area Salgir.The remaining water from freezing is practically absent.

Due to the fact that many small streams Crimean, their water content, respectively, is also small.Average water consumption is only 2.5 m3 / sec.In the area of ​​mountain groundwater flow reaches 25 l / s per square

River that are in the steppe zone, are shallow.They are all characterized by their dry year, only in the spring you can watch for.Occasionally it occurs during snowmelt and showers.These streams are snow-fed.

floods on the rivers of the Crimea are often formed in the spring and winter.At the same time it held 85% of the total annual flow.During heavy rains their height reaches a critical point.The rivers originating in the mountains, dry in the middle and lower reaches.

Black River in the southwestern region of the Crimea is the Black River.Its length is 34 kilometers.The source is located in a valley called Bajdarsky.The mouth is the Black Sea, or rather its Sevastopol bay.Chernorechenskij watercourse flows through the canyon.Its length is 16 km.In 1956, Black River Reservoir was built.In the area of ​​the gorge for its particularly strong, as it is squeezed on both sides of cliffs.After its release in the valley of the speed of water bounces back.Here in the watercourse runs dry river and Aytodorka, two particularly important tributary.The first "supplies" rainwater, and the second - water-bearing.

Black River has a special historical significance.During the Crimean War, on August 4, 1855, on its banks battle took place.

hydronym originated from the name of the nearby village.It is in no way associated with the color of the watercourse.Black River on the map Schmitt, on which it is mentioned for the first time, did not have a designation, that is generally not been signed.Only in 1790 came her first name - Kirmen.A little later, other sources of water flow is referred to as Kazykly-skills.Only in 1817 it is born its current name - Black, as evidenced map General Mukhin.In a few decades this hydronym finally confirmed.


Belbek length of 63 km.Located in the southwest of the peninsula.The source is located at the junction of the rivers and Ozenbash Managotra.As Black River, it flows into the Black Sea near the village of Lyubimovka.
is the deepest river in Crimea.The upper reaches of the water flow presented stormy waters that never dry up, the narrow riverbed, high and steep banks, as well as quite a rapid current.The river valley is a very large number of towns and villages.Also located here are some important sights of the Crimea.

In the lower area of ​​the river water velocity is small.In XX century, in the area near the mouth of the channel Belbek was divided into two separate, because the flow is constantly under the influence of rain overflowed.Currently, however, the depth of the river greatly decreased, thus filled with water only a new branch.

In the area of ​​mountain river valley narrows.Its depth at its narrowest point is 160 m, width - 300 m. In it a few years ago were discovered caves.

River Black Sea

Black Sea basin includes most of the rivers, not only in Europe but also Asia.Their overwhelming amount of a full-flowing streams.A distinctive feature of these rivers is that they seem to hoard water to give it to the sea at the confluence.Because of this, the height of the water in the estuary is many times higher than the Atlantic Ocean.The largest number brings the Danube.
addition of small rivers flow here, and such major waterways of Europe, as the Dniester and the Dnieper.The northern part of the reservoir fills up the Southern Bug, which flows across Ukrainian territory.Its length is 806 km.The western part of the river is fed Bulgaria - Kamchia and Veleka.

stock for the full year more than 310 km3.It is worth noting that 80% of this figure constitute the waters of the Danube and the Dnieper.An important distinction of the Black Sea from some others is that it has a positive balance.Its outflow is equal to 300 km3 per year.Water enters the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean Sea through the Bosporus.Thanks to the latter body of water here flowing warm water with a higher salt concentration.

The rivers of the Crimean peninsula is done in various ways.Black River - is no exception.It is characterized by a mixed view is dominated by rain water replenishment.In winter, most of the water-bearing rivers, floods occur constantly.In summer, because of the climate, some streams dry up completely.