How to raise a son to his father, everyone should know

Every father wants his child to grow the most courageous, happy, curious and intelligent, especially when it comes to boys.It's no secret that most dads waiting firstborn boy, because it is considered a great advantage - to have their first son, my friend, by and large this is the meaning of life.However, when the desire to carry out, you need to think seriously about how to raise a son to his father, to my mother, and it was easier, and the baby is grasped on the fly.

educational programs

It so happens that the child begins to grow closed, passive, uncommunicative, and in this case, you should immediately take action.Of course, it is better not to wait until everything will be so bad.If it did happen, it means that no one left in the family did not know how to raise a son to his father.First we need to understand that boys are three stages of growing up, each of which has its own educational program chosen.The first stage is the period that begins at birth and continues until the age of six.At this time, do not necessarily understand how to raise a son to his father as a child in the first place important to take care and love of a mother.The more the child will receive the maternal affection and tenderness, the better.Anyway, in this period, it is impossible to bring up a man, and the boy now it does not need.Must necessarily be emotional contact with her mother.Of course, do not forget how to raise a son to his father, but this knowledge will be useful later, but for now will help breastfeeding, caring and warm touch of his mother.It is important to ensure that the boy as much as possible sated with love, a sense of security and tenderness.

Some nuances of education in the first stage

Nobody can abolish the crisis three years of age, who just need to endure, and the presence of the father is not here to be superfluous.If you believe the psychologists, the girls need to embrace and caress much less than boys, so that fathers do not try to get the stamina and strong man who never cries at one year of age.It's just not possible, the main thing - patience and understanding.No matter what kind of child grows active or, conversely, too calm, motherly love is needed for every temperament.As for fathers, in this period, they should be more concerned about his mother, helping her around.Show Dad how to raise a son, to be the second stage of development of the child, namely at the age of six to fourteen years.At this time maternal care takes a back seat, and everything takes the reins of his father.The child himself more drawn to her father starts to watch what he does and wants to take an active part in everything.It is important to show the boy as much as possible, to help develop his skills and increase their knowledge in various spheres of life.During this period it is important to show how to properly raise a son to his father and to apply their knowledge in practice, so that the child knew all men's wisdom.At this stage, the father is a direct mentor and idol boy, and only it depends on what kind of person is the child further.