Tale - is an age-old wisdom of the Russian people

What is a fairy tale, and what is its role in the life of almost every man?Who of us in childhood did not hear these wonderful fantastic works from the mouth of mother or grandmother did not read them in a kindergarten in syllables, does not pass, as the literature in the school curriculum?But cartoons and feature films based on?We can say that the fairy tale - it is something with which grew more than one generation of people, not only in our country.The fact that educates and forms the personality of each person.


But not everyone will be able to give a clear definition: "a fairy tale - it's ..." And that, actually, is a fairy tale?Let's start with all kinds of dictionaries.In these fairy tale - is, first and foremost, a work of folklore, oral tradition, the story of heroes and events, usually fictitious, passed from mouth to mouth.But in the last two centuries these people actively works published in books and huge numbers, so that we always have the possibility of not only listen, but also to read.Folk tale - is a fictional work.It can be contrasted such "authentic" narratives as epic, for example.


And then there are the literary fairy tale.She, unlike folk, folklore, is an author (also sometimes referred to as the author).Often, these works are closely connected with the folk.Sometimes the author simply paraphrases them, without adding anything, but there is a fairy tale, where the raw material is completely pererabatan.Folklore is preceded by the author's literature occupies a primary place in the classification of fiction.But the author's tales of famous writers rightfully belong to the treasury of world classics such literature.

Other values ​​

If we talk about the other senses of the word fairy tale, it may be noted that such term is defined in the figurative sense of something fantastic and tempting, sometimes unattainable in ordinary life situations.And sometimes they call something that nobody believes: pure fiction, a lie, a fable (even with a negative coloring).

origin of the word

According to scientists, the word appears in use until the 17th century and comes from "prove" that meant "list" or "accurate description".In today's context, the word "fairy tale" was used later, and earlier used the word "fable" to refer to similar concepts.

Classification of folk tales

folk tales researchers believe that they are based on myths, lost its sacred meaning.The myth associated with certain rituals.In the fairy tale artistic side comes to the fore.But events take place outside the existing geography.For such work is characterized by: anonymous, collective and orality.Simply put, the folk tale does not have a specific author, and transmits multiple narrators word of mouth, keeping the main plot.Sometimes it is added any details how variations.We can say that the work of CNT (oral folklore) are a collective creation.According to the classification accepted by researchers of folklore all these creations can be divided into stories about animals or plants, or of inanimate nature objects, magic, tiresome, cumulative, novelistic and others.In this cohort also includes anecdotes and stories.


This tale - referring to the novelistic works CNT.Household tales occupy a rather large place in national folklore.They are different from, for example, the magic that lie at the heart of the narrative scenes from daily life.They are, as a rule, there is no fiction, but real characters involved: wife and husband, a merchant and a soldier, a gentleman and an employee, Pop, etc.It works on the oral tradition of the people fooling master or priest, of admonition careless wife, a cunning soldier possessing wit.In general, household tale - a work on home or family theme.Main sympathy: a seasoned soldier, skilled and savvy employees who achieve their goals, sometimes passing through a comic or scary situation.This reveals the irony of the narrative.Such tales tend to be short.The plot develops quickly, at the center of action one episode, looking like a fairy tale story.This household tales, according to Belinsky, displaying moral, personal, and characteristic features of the Russian people: cunning intelligence, the ability to irony, simplicity and hard work.Household tales contain no horror, no special magic, but it can be endowed with irony and comedy.Externally similar to the product looks like a fairy tale-true story.This apparent credibility - one of the many characteristics of this work.

Examples household tales

They can list quite a few: "The master and dog", "Fedul and Melanie", "gentleman and a man", "A fool and birch", "Funeral goat", "soldier's uniform", "pot".

all remember, perhaps, household tale "Porridge ax" in which soldiers savvy cooks dish as if from nothing (one ax), and yet cleverly beg greedy landlady all the necessary products.