How to increase sales.

Retail sales are the most common type of business.Thus, the direct contact with the customer provides an opportunity to give the retail point of attractive.However, experience shows that some economic entities did not dwell on those activities that can bring the most profit.Current owners of retail outlets often do not reflect what methods or tools to use to increase sales.However, even entities engaged in wholesale, sometimes need to think about retail.

Communication between subjects, trading and wholesale

There is some relationship between the two categories, namely:

- with an increase in retail sales observed increase of indicators from wholesalers;

- the intensification of sales on the recommendations wholesaler increases the level of loyalty in retail outlets;

- when taking into account peculiarities of the retail business increased sales from wholesalers due to better meet demand.

monitoring sales

demand both in general and in the specific product in today's management is of particular relevance and therefore requires constant monitoring.To create all the conditions under which the sale will be successful, it is necessary to organize the process of implementation, taking into account certain factors, starting with the appearance and packaging of goods, ending prices (wholesale and retail), and the point of sale.

What should be taken into account and monitor business entity Retailing?Experience shows that making the correct and effective solutions should be clearly organize information that is relevant to the activity.In this first stage of monitoring - data collection and analysis.Next - an immediate decision.

Key performance indicators of retail point

order sales are not declining, it is necessary to monitor the effectiveness of the two measures of retail trade:

- the number of customers visiting the store;

- the number of customers who have bought something in a shop.

first indicator is calculated simply.You can shop at the entrance to put the appropriate sensor to count both incoming and outgoing customers.The errors in this case can only occur if the same customer will go in and out several times.But they will be insignificant.

indicators on which the number of customers in the store

Among them distinguish the major:

- the location of the retail outlet;

- the signs;

- unique selling proposition;

- organization of advertising;

- other services.

often retail stores with the opening of its points are focused on only one of the above factors.But experts proved that only the consideration of these indicators in the complex will be able to maintain a stable level of sales.

Still, the most important indicator is the location of the point of sale.In second place is the choice of the specifics of the goods.From this factor depends on the first indicator.So, when it comes to everyday goods, the store location is important.If the business entity is supposed to sell products with a certain uniqueness, in this case the location of the point of sale is not so important.It is advisable to sales figures to increase store traffic Zoom.


Location merchant affects such factors as the permeability.The latter is determined by the total number of potential visitors.To this end, a representative of a business entity can stand at the door of the shop and find the people who passed a given point of sale, and looked curiously at her.To obtain more complete data can be all potential buyers divided into men and women, as well as to distribute them by age.


After the cross-shop need to draw the eye of potential customers.As an effective tool used by the sign, which should:

- be visible and eye-catching;

- clearly define the specific character of the goods that people can buy in the store;

- declare the benefits of certain purchases (low prices, variety and high quality).

determine the effectiveness of signs, unfortunately, difficult.This can be done only empirically.

unique selling proposition

If you can not organize a retail outlet with high traffic, and the desire to start their own business is, in this it will help this factor.Unique selling position - something for which any buyer will want to go to the store, which is located even in the alley.Thus, the first thing that is necessary, to sales always had a stable character - to provide goods or services that is unique by definition.As an example, the following:

- direct shipments of Chinese tea (more than 1000 varieties);

- European dry (just 5 hours);

- more than 100 models of water heaters with free installation;

- delicious belyashi quality at the lowest prices, etc.

Organization of advertising

Not all economic entities can afford to stay in commercials for subsequent broadcast on television.It is also quite expensive are billboards in the central streets.Therefore, this article will focus on other, equally effective methods of advertising promotion products.

effective method is the placement of relevant ads on the Internet and in local newspapers.It is also a good aid can have a positive feedback of customers who are satisfied with the purchase and maintenance, which are arranged and the price.The sales can be substantially increased if the relevant order in the printing flyers and brochures.Ideal advertising - information about the product or service is available, together with other data as may be necessary to a potential buyer.For example, on the back of the flyer, you can print the addresses of the best food service or schedule of trains.In this case, the information content of such a booklet is considerably increased, respectively, and also the probability of its preservation.

As for the Internet, advertising in the vast World Wide Web is one distinct advantage.This affordable price.The sales can be significantly increased by creating an appropriate site shop, which will be updated regularly.

Other services

For example, a businessman decided to open a beauty shop in a small town.How to notify the entire town?Very simple - invite a stylist who can pick and adjust the image buyers for free, for example, for a month, and notify the greatest possible number of people flyers.It's really going to work, and within a month, many women will know about this product.

Another obvious example - sale of conventional plastic windows.Retail sales will increase significantly in the future, if you offer to rent a special device, which measures the thermal conductivity of the windows and the heat loss is calculated.With this device will significantly increase the rating entity.

Thus, sales growth can be achieved with the use of the above recommendations.

Reasons ruin some stores

Studies in the retail business showed that 80% of small businesses fail in the first five years of operation.It is often associated with significant costs associated, in turn, such as renting space for the shop.The volume of retail sales is closely dependent on the range of goods.It is also often lack good specialists who know how to work effectively with customers.

successful development of your own business you can not ignore the competition, but not recommended to constantly look for them.What is meant in this case:

- rely only on themselves;

- deal with the increasing number of customers (in attracting buyers and not just bystanders, increases throughput and try to create a queue of customers);

- to increase its turnover by persuasion every visitor to do some purchase, increasing the size of the average check and the number of products in it, ensuring maximum repeat purchases;

- fix any problems with the staff: to find highly qualified staff, to prevent any theft among employees, to educate professionals to create an effective system to monitor both sellers and administrators;

- build effective marketing (give up the low efficiency of advertising, balanced approach to the sale, to develop profitable pricing).

about how to obtain a stable planned sales volume, and the conversation will continue.

formula sales

sales volume should be calculated in order to analyze the growth or decline of this indicator.This will allow any entity to control its economic success and timely decisions at a rapid reduction of the corresponding coefficients.

There are well-known formula for the volume of sales:

OP = (CTRL + R) / (L - R), where

EASY - conditionally fixed costs of production nature;

Pr - profit before deduction of interest;

C - the unit price;

P - variable costs per unit of product.

An important indicator for the analysis of sales is its gross volume.The calculation of gross income is done, but for some time it is based on turnover, the existing rules in the form of trade allowances.Gross revenue for the planning period is based on the projected figure turnover.

Conclusion Summing up the material, it should be noted that the sales volume - this is quite an important indicator of the effectiveness of the sales company, its value is largely dependent on both the internal and external factors.Only if a business entity will seek to take them into account when planning their own activities, it will be able to achieve good results.