What happens Gas built-in oven, and it is better to choose?

Gas built-in oven today is a very convenient device, which, in addition to its direct functions, does not harm the appearance of the kitchen interior.In fact, thanks to the built-in oven, you not only save space in the room, but also make your apartment more original and attractive.Agree, much more organic look built-in oven, rather than a free-standing stove enormous size.And today we will tell you how to be a built-in gas oven, without prejudice to any of its main functions, either in terms of aesthetics.


Currently the most popular on the market are the cabinets with dimensions of 60x60 centimeters.This is enough to oven did not look at the background of other objects something huge and at the same time unattractive.For small kitchens are great device the size of 45x45 cm. Too compact ovens should not be taken as unlikely to them you will be able to cook something in terms of a full-size baking.

Built-in gas oven: reviews of methods of heating

Now almost all modern models, built-in cabinets used method of heating burner.The upper heating element can be either gas or electric.The last option, by the way, more in demand than the first.This is due to the fact that a gas grill is much more expensive than electric.


Thanks to modern technology, many companies produce gas built-in oven with forced ventilation air in the chamber.Thus, the gas in these burners is practically impossible to extinguish.This is a big plus in terms of fire safety, as a gas leak - a very serious danger in the house.And just in the operation is convenient, because once again ignite already burning up to several hundred degrees oven is not very nice, and even scary (unless burner with automatic ignition).In addition, this feature provides even frying a batch that allows you to cook the most delicious food in the shortest amount of time.

is also worth noting that in some cases the gas built-in oven has a special skewer for cooking large pieces of meat, chicken or fish.Most often work with this device provides a special motor.Until a skewer rotates, the meat is roasted evenly to the deepest parts, which is also an important nuance in the preparation of such food.

Availability doors with glazing

the Russian market presents a variety of models of these devices imported and domestically produced, which have a special heat-resistant glazed door.This allows not only to observe the degree of cooking, without opening the oven, but also facilitates the penetration of heat from the lower chamber to the outside.Some models use a double or even triple glazing.A striking example - built gas oven Bosch.