How to cook the cereal?

Someone used to have eggs for breakfast with sausage, someone - a sandwich, someone - milk porridge semolina.But after a night's rest to start the vital functions, the human body still prefers low-fat carbohydrate foods.In this regard, oatmeal with fruit pieces and nuts - the best option.To learn how to cook a breakfast of muesli, described in this article.

His hands

course, buy ready-made muesli in store easier.They are huge modern supermarkets sold in abundance.Is domestic production, there are also imported (a little more expensive, but not necessarily better).But how to make your own muesli?You can try to make the product their own hands: and will taste better and be cheaper.

Base - oatmeal

The benefits of oatmeal in the morning written quite a lot.Beat this theme and literary works and films (which is, for example, the famous "oatmeal, sir")!

This has a lot of truth, since the porridge itself perfectly cleans the intestines and relieves the body of the so-called slag.This affects the appearance.At constant human consumption of oatmeal in the morning, his skin and hair just beginning to shine with health.

In the extant writings of Pliny (early AD) said that in the Germanic tribes at the time oatmeal enjoyed great popularity.The fact is that oats for a long time to digest.Thus, it provides our body with energy and power for a long time.By the way, it has the same properties and buckwheat.Oats also contain fiber.It reduces blood cholesterol, cleans the bowels, prevents the formation of thrombi.

The benefits of the product

muesli containing a large amount of ballast substances that are digested slowly enough, contribute to a sense of satiety for a long time.Because of this, they actively feed on, and those who want to lose weight.Nutritionists also advocate the use of muesli, as with every meal the body must receive the necessary range of amino acids and vitamins.All this is in sufficient amounts in the product.

Household production

How to prepare yourself muesli?To do this is not difficult.To do this, take the oats, such as "Hercules", and fry them to such a state that they crunched topically.This - the basis of our muesli, homemade, home, delicious.In the pack (400 grams) of oatmeal adds half a cup of peeled sunflower seeds, half a cup of peeled and crushed walnuts, half a cup of raisins, a handful of finely chopped dried fruit.All mix thoroughly.Homemade muesli ready to eat.


Alternatively, you can use a mixture of raisins, dried apricots, walnuts, prunes (add honey and lemon to taste).All the ingredients you need to mince.This vitamin mixture is cooking, not coddle, as this reduces its useful properties.Every morning, mix it with oatmeal in the proportion of one to one, pouring hot milk.Excellent supply of energy for the whole day!

How to cook the cereal at home?Instead, you can use oatmeal and other types of cereals: rice, buckwheat, corn.The mass is added to taste any pieces of fresh fruit: bananas, cranberries, cherries, strawberries, gooseberries, for example.With nuts, things are not worse: you can use any of the available types.But sugar for cooking is not required.Without it can safely manage, successfully replacing the honey.

How to prepare muesli?

This dish is quite democratic.It is eaten for breakfast, as they say, and old and young and the poor, and the rich man.And if you do decide to buy cereals at the store, they do not need a special way to cook once.How to cook cereal with milk?One need only open the box or bag and pour the mixture into a bowl.Then pour the hot milk, so that it covered the content to wait a minute or two and use (better - for breakfast).You can also fill the cereal fruit yogurt - out very tasty.

How to cook the cereal on the water?Similarly!You do not need to cook cereals.It is enough to pour boiling water over them in a dish, cover tightly and wait a couple of minutes.That's a delicious breakfast, tasty and healthy, ready!