Pushkin, "Mistress into Maid": Summary of works

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not only his poetry, but also prose is known to us Pushkin."Mistress into Maid" (summary provided in this article) - one of the stories included in the series "Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin".The works are based on the mysteries of love of two young people: Lisa and Alexis.At the end of the story all the secrets are revealed, and this makes happy not only lovers but also of their fathers.

Pushkin, "Mistress into Maid": summary.Entry

In one of the provinces in the village Tugilovo lives Ivan Berastau - a retired guardsman.He had long been a widower, his wife died in childbirth.Son Alex grew up and now lives in the city, often visiting his father.In the district of Ivan Petrovich find all the proud, but he is treated well.Do not get along with him only his closest neighbor Grigory Murom, who leads his farm in the English style.Berestov not tolerate any innovation, despises him for it.

So, with a description of the main characters of his story began Pushkin."Mistress into Maid" (see summary below) - is an easy humorous story that leaves a pleasant impression on the mind after reading.The heroes of his cute and sentimental.The denouement of the love story and delight the reader.It's time to go to the main plot.

Pushkin, "Mistress into Maid": summary.Developments

son Ivan Petrovich, Alex, often comes to Tugilovo father.Local girls interested in him.But it remains cold and attentions are not responsible.The girls explain this mystery of his love.Grigory Ivanovich Muromsky daughter, Lisa, is also interested in the nice young neighbor.So when it serf girl Nastya is sent to relatives in Tugilovo, a young lady asks her to learn Alexei closer.When he returned, a farmer told Elizabeth that handsome young man, and the fact that the Games torch with the girls he kissed each of them.The young ladies there is a desire to see a neighbor.But how is this done?Her head had a plan and a peasant dress to meet in such a way with Alex.For its implementation, it has started the next day.Wearing a peasant dress and saying what he had to face, it goes into a grove near Tugilova, where he loved to hunt the young master.They swooped down on her barking dog.Soon there himself Alex.Young people learn.Lisa seems to him Akulina, the daughter of a local blacksmith.Agreed to meet the next day, they diverge.Alex says of himself, that he begins to fall in love with the beautiful-peasant.

climax.Alex with his father goes to Murom

The next day at the same place held their second meeting.The young gentleman was waiting with impatience.But Lisa, perhaps about his deception, tries to convince him that they no longer meet costs.And soon one incident happens.On the hunt Grigory Ivanovich Muromsky resets didst horse, and he fell swipes.At this time a number is Berestov, who invites him to his house.So Grigory is visiting the previously unloved neighbor.Fathers of families separated in mutual sympathy and agreed to meet in the house of Murom.Ivan promised to come with his son.When Lisa found out about it, she came to the confusion.At the head of the girl has matured a new plan.When the guests at the appointed hour came to him in the house, she went to him and densely nabelennaya nasurmlёnnaya, extravagantly dressed and strangely coiffed.Check it was impossible.Alexei daughter Muromsky produces an unpleasant impression.

Pushkin, "Mistress into Maid": summary.Decoupling

Relationship Fathers soon turned into a nice friendship.They decide to marry their children and declare them so.Disagree with this, Alex went to the house of Murom without warning, to tell of his withdrawal.Entering the house, he sees Lisa in a light summer dress.A young man takes her for Akulina.He was strange it is that it is not the peasant sundress.Lisa wanted to run away.But he stopped her.Between them a struggle ensued.Entered them Grigory sees that young people are already together.

the autumn of 1830 in the village of Boldin creates his work, to summarize here, Pushkin.The story "Mistress into Maid" is an easy sentimental creation.It is easy to read.We advise to get acquainted with the product in the original.