How to cook milk soup at home.

Since ancient times, the main food of the population were cereal porridge and vegetables, but, of course, monotonous food quickly bored, and people have invented a science like cooking.The combination of different products in the dishes has led to what is now known to the world, tens of thousands of recipes.To diversify the menu, most of the vegetables and porridge began to add milk and meat.Here the connection of different products with milk and it will go further: the pros and cons of milk soup, how to cook milk soup, in which cases it is undesirable to use and so on.

milk and cereals contain high amounts of protein and carbohydrates, minerals that make these products so tasty and healthy.

benefits of milk soup

Dairy soups have incredible benefits for humans.Dairy products add a lot of energy the body with vitamins and trace elements, promotes good digestion.Particularly useful milk soups for kids.In addition to these useful features, probably, everyone can add another.It has not been described in scientific works, but is it, perhaps, once said every man in your life - memories.

Also mothers and grandmothers tell how to cook milk soup properly, so that the milk does not run away, it had to keep all useful vitamins and minerals may be other sources.

milk soup - a dish from my childhood

I'm sure many of us remember how my mother or grandmother cooked milk soup.If you are wondering how to cook milk soup child - better make it sweet and serve as a dessert.

Before you go directly to the recipe and the peculiarities of its preparation to start sort out the flavors of the dish.

Types dairy soups

Dairy soups are:

  • sweet;
  • unsweetened;
  • Diet;
  • combined.

to sweet dishes include milk soups of cereals or pasta with the addition of sugar and / or oil.For savory

include those in which the sugar is not added in the formulation which, in addition to cereal or pasta may include vegetables, fruits savory, cheeses (including cottage cheese), spices.The most common type of savory dairy foods - milk soup with potatoes.

Dietary dishes can be sweet and savory, but in the formulation of these soups sharply reduced levels of fat, sugar, fiber and so on. Etc.. - All the things that a person is forbidden to eat in connection with health.

most rare type of milk soup - combined.It is now popular to combine a variety of food products are incompatible, and this fashionable trend has not spared and this species soups.Of course, it is unlikely somewhere you can find the recipe, which describes how to cook milk soup of nails, but everyone remembers the tale of how soldiers cooked porridge from an ax.Apparently, the addition of the soup, dairy products which have not traditionally been added to, of the same series.

dealt with the kinds of food, turn to the preparation of this contact.

What do I need to prepare milk soup

Just note that you need to cook this dish in a pan with a thick bottom.

To prepare delicious milk soup need the following set of products:

  • milk;
  • cereal or vegetables (depending on the recipe);
  • salt and sugar.

This basic.Remembering about the kinds of dairy soups, add to the list has the products and spices, which are necessary for the preparation of a particular species.

Most often when cooking dairy soups, cereals, vegetables, pasta, boiled separately and added to the milk already in the final stage of cooking.


So, how to cook milk soup?Now all details.

Milk little salt, sweeten to taste, add a little raw water to boil.After boiling, add the pre-boiled cereal or pasta to boil again and immediately shut down.For a taste you can add oil.

more to a simple recipe, which describes how to cook milk soup with potatoes.

Separately, boil in salted water, potatoes and carrots until soft, boil the milk and put it in the cooked shredded vegetables Dowar until tender.Before serving you can add greenery.

In addition, there is a fairly simple recipe milk soup multivarka.To do this, you must fill in a bowl of pasta, fill them with milk, add a little salt and 1-2 tablespoons of sugar.In multivarka select "Milk porridge", turn it on for 30 minutes.

To avoid burning, dairy dishes are prepared only on low heat and / or milk diluted with water.In order to eliminate the "folding" of soup, use only fresh milk.

Knowing these features and secrets of cooking, you can be sure that milk soup will turn out incredibly tasty and healthy for the whole family.