Main rules and regulations of business etiquette office worker and public employee

When you start working, you will soon realize that the ability to observe the basic rules of business etiquette contributes to professional success in any field, and valued as highly as business acumen.It will help you to easily fit into any team, and quickly gain credibility with colleagues and leadership, especially if you will be able to quickly grasp the difference between business and social etiquette and how to select the correct course of action.

basic rules of business etiquette

Good manners in the office or a public institution are somewhat different from what is considered decent (the usual) outside.

  • If the leader will be men, women, do not expect that he will stand up when they enter the room.Although found among well-bred male bosses who have this habit is brought to the level of reflex and that always stand up when a lady enters the room, but it is - an exception.And though it's nice, but still a secular tone on the inappropriate.In the office, the chief of a state institution, the first man through the door, and when you are traveling on business, he first gets into the car.
  • words "thank you" and "please" in the workplace even more desirable than the "high life."Thank colleagues for any, even the smallest service, and do not forget the "magic words" when handling any requests or just pass someone orders from superiors employees.
  • always smiling, greeting colleagues and answer with a smile on their greetings.
  • Talk to people in a peaceful benevolent tone and provide them with tokens, regardless of their gender.
  • If a man walking in front of you to the door, a lot of documents, ahead of him to open the door and let him pass.Assist in the office must always be the one who is more comfortable and more convenient, however, for official relations have maintained a clear hierarchy, you have to feel and support.This does not mean that you need to timid of his superiors or to show attention to every word, no, but you must provide him or her with due respect.

Adoption of the rules of business etiquette may differ significantly not only in different sectors but also in individual companies.However, there are rules that must necessarily observe how office workers and civil servants.Among them - the observance of punctuality, compliance with the company's image in the clothing, the ability to keep secrets, and the ability to keep personal problems outside of work.Let's talk about each of these rules in more detail.

The need to do everything on time

rules of business etiquette in the office, government agencies require that you always come to work on time, perform all the tasks on time.Unacceptable delay, delay the work that needs to take in exactly the promised time.

Never miss business meetings come to them in advance in order not to jeopardize the reputation of the company, not just its own.If you want to stay, be warned in advance, the authorities should be aware of where you are.Remember that respect for accuracy, punctuality in all things - is the indispensable rules of business etiquette of civil servants and office workers, as well as an expression of respect for others, a natural for any educated person.

How to dress in the office or in the public service

necessary to comply with the general rules of business etiquette in clothes.

  • Appearance employee must comply with the company's image, creating a pleasant impression, but when you work in a state institution, it is even more important.
  • Women should wear skirts and dresses above the knee length is not, allowed pantsuits strict style.It is unacceptable to wear to work in the office clothes bright, flashy colors with glitter, sequins and tight stuff.
  • Men should stick to business style, wearing suits, trousers, shirt and tie or not.Jeans and sweaters better to exclude from the working wardrobe.
  • At work you can wear modest jewelry, in harmony with the clothes, as well as other parts of the costume.

Privacy Rule

You should be able to keep a secret company of any deal, has not spread to the subject either with colleagues or with your loved ones.Do not read the letters, intended to others, send all messages personally, without intermediaries and outsiders.If you need to send a fax, call in advance to the addressee, that it is there and can personally accept the document or letter.Do not mix your personal life with work, do not talk about the problems in life, to seek solace or ask for help from colleagues.In the office, it is important to maintain composure and good mood, regardless of bad mood.These rules of business etiquette of civil servants and office workers should be carried out strictly.

You and bosses

rules of business etiquette to imply subordinate remote, nefamilyarnoe appeal to the governing party.Even if the boss (boss) - a girl or a boy just a little older than you, it is worth to say "you".If you are in the office of the head, and it includes a business partner or another chief, you stay or leave - he has to decide if he asks you to leave, there is no reason to feel slighted.If ever the chief offend you in the presence of strangers, do not respond in kind.If you are upset, do not jump out of the office, try to quietly go out and find a secluded place where you can relax.Do not discuss the incident with colleagues.Clarify the relationship with the head can be outside working hours, quietly listening to their wishes and express their grievances.The higher authorities, the harder your role, and in some situations, it is important to remember the rules of business etiquette.If a particularly respected man must be carried out on the establishment of the corridor, you will need to open the doors to miss an important guest, and then move next to him, behind only a quarter of a step.If the corridor branches, you'll have an elegant gesture to show him the direction.If the corridor winds, you could say, "Let me take you" and then boldly go ahead.

few words about the bad manners

There are rules and the rules of business etiquette, unambiguous for all employees not to read other people's letters, saying restrained and polite, be friendly with colleagues and keep your distance from the authorities.But sometimes the work of the right to make exceptions, such as when you need to find a document in the table of another staff member, which is not.The general behavior of the service and in the office should be dignified, with impeccable manners.Constantly have to monitor their behavior, the way you walk, talk, sit.Remember that it was improper to touch the nose, ears, hair and other body parts in all.

What can be done in the workplace in any case:

  • Chew, picking his teeth.
  • Gnaw pens, pencils, paper, or nails.
  • correct makeup, nail polish, lipstick in the workplace - this is the basic rules of business etiquette to the Secretary.
  • yawn without covering her mouth.
  • Fold feet on the table, put his legs

necessary Daily:

  • Ensure cleanliness of clothes, hair, body, use deodorant, but not spirits.
  • have with you a neat handkerchief.
  • monitor the health of the teeth.

These rules and suggestions are essential rules of etiquette, they can be not only a good, valuable employee, but also a pleasant person with whom you want to deal with.Appearance is the best shows respect for others.

Good manners in dealing with colleagues

When you're just getting started in the office with colleagues and acquaintances, you begin to build a relationship, which will depend on the climate in the team, and the results of the overall work.How to behave in order to arrange them yourself?Be friendly with everyone, but do not try to immediately get close to someone one, give yourself some time to get to know people better.Do not hesitate to ask the staff about the work, but for the first time, do not start with their personal conversations.Do not worry if you can not from the first day to join the team, nothing wrong with that.Always thank colleagues for help and remember that you can not go beyond the rules of etiquette of business communication.


  • not bother colleagues with his talk, and do not interfere in other people's conversations;
  • not gossip and do not listen to gossip, do not eavesdrop on other people's telephone conversations;
  • not discuss with colleagues the problems of health and body function;
  • do not try to speak for any reason, or to impose his own opinion;
  • not report anyone in the presence of strangers, even if you are right three times, suddenly came out of himself - immediately apologize;
  • do not pretend that you are busy more than others, and sometimes you can politely ask my colleagues not to make noise, but do it politely and without calling;
  • do not be selfish, in zeal, try not to harm colleagues to make some advantage or to curry favor with his superiors.

A cardinal rule of business etiquette as an office worker and public employee, says, "you need to be polite, considerate, courteous and tolerant in dealing with colleagues and management, never going on about their emotions."

telephone etiquette rules for the Secretary

first impression of the company often develops during a telephone contact, and from the poor first impression is hard to shake.Very often, calling on the case in some companies, you can come across an answer that has nothing to do with any business etiquette or simple rules of courtesy.Some of the staff responsible for the service call, as if doing a favor, others do not consider it necessary to call the company or department.And everyone knows how nice then to chat on the phone with well-mannered people who respond quickly, friendly, are willing to help.

telephone calls are usually responsible secretary, however, not only he, but all employees should know the basic rules of etiquette of business communication that is important to observe when communicating by telephone.

  • Do not make people wait for a response, just pick up the phone and answer.If you can not talk, you ask to call back, do not make the caller wait.And to the line connecting the music to fill the silence, it is considered bad form.
  • Immediately after pick up the phone, say hello, call your company and introduce yourself.If you work in a large institution, it is necessary to call a specific department to help the subscriber to navigate.
  • When the phone asking someone else, take a message for him to call back later or offer.
  • During a call, keep yourself in the hands of even the most slow-witted customers behave correctly.If a person is "on edge", help him calm down, but in response to an insult simply hang up.
  • Watch your speech and choose the words, remember that jargon in business communication is absolutely inappropriate.Never reply "yeah" or "Okay", "yes", "good" or "Of course."
  • Keep the phone in their hands, rather than between the shoulder and chin, speak clearly and directly into the microphone and no past.And never talk with his mouth full.
  • When you call - say hello and immediately identify yourself and the company you represent.Speak politely, short and to the point.

Business etiquette in dealing with visitors

Civil servants and office workers often take clients in his office.Good manners are extremely important, people like to deal with those who provide them respect.The rules of etiquette of business communication and behavior to be observed in everything, and to meet the visitor at the door to help him undress, and not to keep him waiting.If you wait still have to, be sure to apologize, even if the blame for the delay does not lie to you, ask them to tea or coffee.Meet friendly people with a smile, trying to establish informal contacts, but never gossip about anything else.Speaking keep your distance, but be correct, polite and patient.Mourners cabinet doors to visitors as their guests.

good tone in business letters

Etiquette of business correspondence affect both the appearance and content of the letter content.Before writing you need to make a plan that will help briefly and clearly express the essence.It is important to consider some mandatory rules of business correspondence.

  1. letter must be written correctly in terms of style, spelling and punctuation.
  2. Official messages made to print a testimony of respect for the recipient.
  3. According to the rules of good form, none of the letters, with the exception of appreciation should not remain unanswered.
  4. letter must be carefully executed, decided to write a business letter on paper, format A-4 white.Always date the
  5. their letters at the bottom of the left and leave the personal signature, name and initials.
  6. Calls made to use the word "dear (th)", and the use of the personal pronoun "you" to write it with a capital letter.

In conclusion

Perfection is achieved through the efforts and repetition.Strive for perfection in everything, proclaiming rules of business etiquette - in demeanor, in a manner of speaking and moving, but do not stop only at the outer manifestation of good manners, fix the shortcomings of their own nature, be attentive to their colleagues, learn restraint and patience, treat yourself andothers with respect even.If you are diligent in work, very soon you notice the results that will transform your life.