How to Meditate: programmable your mind

Every day we experience stress, but often do not notice it.They may be small - a drop of coffee on a perfectly white trousers, the shortage of 3 rubles for travel ... All this - the negative emotions that we experience on a daily basis, often perceiving them as a necessary evil and not paying them much attention.However, our body pays.Constantly in a state of stress, the person becomes vulnerable for physical and mental illnesses.Statistics show that in 85% of cases it is the cause of stress for all ills of man.

Meditation - the best way to reunification with himself and the universe, it is the search for harmony.There are many benefits that tell how to meditate, but most of us too lazy to read (or banal lack of time effect).Daily half-hour meditation can work wonders.It stimulates the immune system to better deal with various diseases, purifies the mind of man, saves him from dependence on other people's opinion and directs his energy to carry out the most important goal: to be happy!

How to Meditate?

To begin with talk about the practical side of the issue.First of all, choose a suitable place to practice.It is desirable that it was a room where you will not disturb anyone during the whole session.The room should not have any irritants that hinder entry into mediativnoe state: bright lights, loud sounds, noise, etc.If you get rid of the noise does not work, you can wear special headphones, sound is muted.Another option - to include silent composition intended specifically for meditation.

Another important point - to find a suitable position.It may be some relaxing pose from yoga or just a comfortable position.How to meditate, everyone decides for himself, because this process - especially intimate.

mediativnoe To enter the state of performing multiple breathing exercises.If you do not own special techniques, it is possible to confine a deep breath.Try to feel a close connection with the center of the earth, the sky and the stars around you feel universal love.Do not hold on to the past and look to the future - to give the present entirely.The art of meditation is the main thing - to learn to open up the signals of the Universe, accept and understand them.Some specifically put next to a notebook or a notebook for notes.

Another way of how to meditate, to suit everyone.You can memorize several motivational phrases, or touch the heart of a passage from some work, and then slowly, focusing on each word, pronounce himself the learned again and again.

Meditation allows a person to program yourself for the right wave, to find answers to all questions.In the search for ways of how to meditate, many turn to the techniques described in the book Sri Chinmoy "Meditation".The author in his work, described in detail the key techniques to relax and get the right information from space, get rid of stress, and set yourself in a positive way.