Projective techniques "Figure family"

One of the most popular in the arsenal of the school psychologist is a projective technique "Drawing a family."Its popularity is due not only to the convenience of, but also speed.It is available for children from pre-school age.With this technique it is possible to see the family through the eyes of a child, to see what kind of a subjective assessment of the baby gives her the place itself removes it.In addition, it shows the difficulties and problems in the relationship is in the family.

the procedures and instructions

technique to "Drawing the family" has been fully carried out, needed a white sheet of paper, set of colored pencils medium soft eraser to erase.The child is instructed about the following meanings: "(Name), draw a family."This is not to explain what is meant by this, because the intervention may distort the meaning of the text in the future.If a child asks what he izoobrazhat, it is necessary to instruct a second time.

What to look for during the test

the average instruction execution takes less than 35 minutes.This should attract the attention of the pause, the sequence of drawn parts, erasing, comments kid, emotional reactions to the picture.Once the drawing is ready, I ask questions about these: "Who here is drawn?", "Where the characters are and what they do?", "Who are the happiest?"and others.


Technique "Figure family" in his interpretation is conditionally divided into three main parts: an analysis of the family structure, the interpretation of graphic features and analysis of the process of painting itself.

analysis of family structure

extreme options considered, if only painted subjects unrelated to the family, and if there are no people.In the event that family structure is distorted, it may be indicative of the conflict, dissatisfaction with the situation.In addition, the children forget to draw those relatives who are less important to them emotionally.If there are strangers, then this could be a signal that there is a psychological unmet need.Location

family members

Technique "Figure family" can show and what family relationships.Unity of family, occupation of all the characters common activity indicates psychological well-being.If the figure at the opposite characteristics, it may indicate a low level of emotional attachment.If a member is separated, it may be indicative of a negative attitude to it, it can sometimes be an indirect sign of threat.

analysis drawn figures

Methodology 'kinetic design family "can tell about the emotional and relationship to each member.This requires estimating the number of parts, decoration and what colors are used to draw the figure.Good attitude is accompanied by a large number of parts, decoration.Schematically, Some may point to a negative attitude, aggressive impulses against him.Sometimes the children themselves draw a value equal to the parent.It can talk about self-centered child of the competition for parental love.If a child is experiencing unnecessary themselves, their insignificance, it is reflected in the figures, where it is much less than other family members.