Value name Ratmir.

meaning of the name is translated from the ancient Russian Ratmir as "the army of the world" or "peacemaker."This is consistent with the nature and position in life that boys and men.In the family, they often called diminutives: Mirchik, Ratmirchik.


From a very young age Ratmir different peaceful and even-tempered.He does not like fights and conflicts, and always tries to avoid them.If it someone quarrel, then Ratmir will certainly make every effort something to appease and reconcile opponents.Name Ratmir characterizes the boy as a vulnerable and touchy.He is very sensitive to criticism and overreacts even tactful and minor observations.This does not mean that he is timid or shy.

Ratmir at school studying well.He is intelligent and has a good memory.Sometimes it is not enough interest and motivation, but the resourcefulness of his rescues.Humanities Ratmir are less than accurate.He loves when everything can be explained with the help of mathematical formulas and logic.Value name Ratmi

r manifested in his quest to subjugate all the rules.He loves sports, especially those species which can all be calculated.The boy loves his parents and very attached to them.He's going through, if he sees that they are quarreling.

Adult Ratmir

meaning of the name is the commitment and responsibility of men.These qualities will make him a good career in industries such as mechanical engineering or high-tech.He does not like empty talk and a few reputed reserved man.He half-heartedly to meet new people.Occasional not for him.

Value name Ratmir can be opened as the cheerfulness and friendliness.These traits he readily shows when meeting up with old friends.With them he was ready to go hiking or to a party.In this case, it is likely to perform their organizer.This activity fills his life with meaning and entertains.

Family Life

Ratmir not shy female and do not mind to spend the evening in the company of a charming girl.By choosing a suitable wife he carefully.Marriage is very important for him.In women, he appreciated the kindness and faithfulness.Ratmir able to find a compromise and resolve any problems.His family life is going well.He affectionately refers to his wife and looks favorably on all of its whims.But it is often not worth venturing scandals and sort things out.This may result in Ratmir complete despair and ruin a marriage.

Ratmir loves his children.They are for him more than anything else.He will take care of them and protect against all adversity.

Adult Ratmir never ceases to care for their parents.He tries to keep them warm relations.To him it is also important relationship with the relatives of his wife.He tries to live with them in peace and harmony.Ratmir kind to their family history.Most likely, he had already made a sort of family tree.


According to astrologers, the value of the name Ratmir most in harmony with the characteristics of people born under the signs of Scorpio and Aries.Therefore, the best way to call the boy, who was born in November or April.