Stone-Cancer woman.

All stones constellation Cancer subordinated to the water element, hence their color: blue, light green, clear, blue and clean solar tone.Representatives of the year mark - soft and vulnerable people, but their passive can not call.They are mobile and energetic, prone to adventures, dreamy and emotional.Excellent representatives of "shellfish" are subject to melancholy, and frequent changes of mood, it is connected with changes in the phases of the moon, which greatly affects the water sign.Therefore, stone for cancer can not be a strong energy.An excess of feeling when apathy, depression or, conversely, overly active in the mindset can hurt, turn the head cancers.Colors minerals for those born from late June to mid-July should be light, easy and transparent.No dark colors!The palette of summer, sun and sea in July.

stone for Cancer Women

The following is a list of the most suitable rocks for crabs women, for that matter, and men.So this is aquamarine, pearls, emeralds, uvarovite, beryl, moons

tone, jade and jadeite, amazonite, sapphire, malachite, lapis lazuli, serpentine, opal, topaz, rock crystal, jasper, heliodor.The stones are arranged descending - from the most suitable to the recommended for the sign.Of all the minerals must choose "your".You will understand how to do this, see "his" rock feel it.Better to choose about 6-8 talismans and amulets and wear them together or separately.

Stone Cancer-woman.Talisman

For those born in the period of the longest days and short nights mascots are pearl, emerald, moonstone and cat's eye (chrysoberyl variety of dark green color).Emerald - a powerful talisman.Protects mothers, and then infants.It helps travelers safeguard against black magic damage and slander.In the family strengthens the bonds of marriage.It is a stone of loyalty and devotion.Bears a profit and success in all endeavors.As Moonstone for Cancer-woman, it gives eloquence of his mistress.It is said that if you put it under your tongue, it opens the mind and come foresight.Generally, emerald develops intuition, and liaise with the higher powers, with the world of the unknown.Sensitive and mysterious cancer, stones which also confer more power, has all chances to become a prophet or a clairvoyant.Selenium (Moonstone) serves as an amulet Cancers love makes lovers feel each other at a distance.More honesty properties attributed to bestow eloquence owner.In addition, selenium give advice in a difficult situation, will come out of it.

Stone Cancer-woman.Charm

most powerful charms of the constellation Cancer is chalcedony.They protect not only the representatives of the shellfish by detractors, evil spells, slander and gossip, but also from themselves.Often dreamy female crabs by nature tend to come up with something that does not really believe in your story, idealizing the partner, providing it with non-existent properties.This ultimately leads to disappointment, and thin nature of Cancer suffers from their imaginations.Chalcedony down to earth amphibians are calling them away dreams, make a sober look at things and people.