Do I need a translator own website?

With today's development of information technology is not anyone surprised that now have their own websites, not only in large organizations and government services, but also communities of people with the same interests, and even in many individuals.Indeed, if people stopped before the uncertainty in their own abilities and ignorance of the basics of information technology, it is now in the Internet, a plurality of guides for the development, launch and promotion of their web projects.Here we shall not dwell on the intricacies of site building and web design, but rather try to consider the development of the individual features of the site for the professional field of translation services, ie the translator.

Why do I need a translator own website?Generally, a well-designed web page translator can come close to achieving several of their objectives in the professional sphere.Firstly, the site can be used as an enhanced version of Resume on which potential employers can find out more about qualifying

specialist skills and talents, as well as, possibly, become familiar with its work, recommendations and other information that shows the interpreter in a favorable light.This is particularly important due to the fact that on many sites to search for her work seekers can post their resume in the form of intractable adjustment pattern, usually made in the form of a chronological resume.A distinctive feature of the chronological resume, compared, for example, is consistent with a functional transfer of jobs with a brief description of duties that the applicant in this case fulfilled.Assume that the translator wants to move away from this type of pattern and focus on the potential employer an interesting, significant, but not very time-consuming projects in which he was to take part.In this case the ideal option for an interpreter may be placing information about their participation in various activities on a personal site that could potentially attract the employer's attention to the professional and personal qualities of a specialist.Some candidates even very advanced practice of creating a video resume - a kind of self-serving interesting and memorable analogue resume normal.It is for the placement of such clips and the other outside the scope of the pattern, but worthwhile information and can use its own website.Secondly, the site can be very helpful when searching for organizations in need of translation services and are ready to sign an interpreter service contract or any of his peers.If the information on the website will be talking about high skills and deep knowledge of the translator, the organization, which, for example, the need to translate the text of the technical, economic, artistic, or other specialized literature, can offer a specialist job.As a rule, companies that need translation services on an ad hoc basis, are not engaged in the search for a specialist considering the resume of competitors.Most likely, the employees of the company limited to watching the first few pages of search results on the Internet, where translation agencies post information about their services.Of course, the individual translator will be difficult to compete with large translation agency, but the most-geek and motivated it may eventually turn out.

have their own professional advertising as an interpreter via the website there are many pluses, and at least one big minus: not enough to develop the site and register - it is necessary also to promote what might be much more complicated than the previous put together.What can you do - the competition, however, if you put enough effort and enthusiasm, work on own page can be the most effective tool for the promotion of translation services.