What was the main purpose of the Communist International ?The formation of the Communist International

revolution, its ideas and the results - this is still very sensitive issues.And not everyone is clear the real intentions of the participants.Most focused on beliefs, expressed in movies and books on the subject.White fought for the king, and the red for freedom - that is submitted to the reasons for the event for a simple layman.But what is really the intention pursued communism?For what ideals it was destroyed what was created for centuries by our ancestors?What was the main purpose of the Communist International?

In order to answer these questions, let us consider in more detail the appearance and the idea of ​​the Comintern.

What is it?

Comintern - a Communist Party organization of workers and peasants, created to bring together the world proletariat into a single power capable of overthrowing the bourgeoisie and the king.Lenin and the Communist International called on the workers of the world unite to create a new world in the first Congress, held in 1919.A year later, in St. Petersburg it will be called the "party of the world proletariat."

Ideas Comintern

On the question of what was the main purpose of the Communist International, can not be answered in a few words.However, if you minimize the presentation congresses Bolshevik leaders, it is the following.

The original plan included the consolidation of the Comintern and the subsequent Soviet Union and Soviet Russia Germany.Then the gradual accession of countries adopting the dictatorship of the proletariat.But it did not manage to bring to life.In view of the tense situation of the Germans in 1923, the Bolsheviks sent a team to resolve the conflict and push for the beginning of the revolution.However, this proletariat had failed.The same is awaited him in Bulgaria.In 1926 the Communist International rejects the ideas of uniting the world powers and decides to instill the spirit of communism, showing a personal example - the creation of the USSR and its positive image in the background of other countries.

When held congresses?

Founding of the Communist International and the establishment of its main objectives was to hold seven congresses.

  1. first founding congress was held in March 1919.
  2. second congress was held in St. Petersburg in the period from July 19 to August 7, 1920.
  3. third in the summer from June 22 to July 12 1921.
  4. Fourth Congress of the Comintern ended December 22, 1921.
  5. Fifth Congress, devoted to the actions of the communist brigades in Europe, held in the summer from June to July 1924.
  6. The sixth congress, held in 1928 in the period from July to September, was adopted by the general statutes of the Communist International.
  7. Seventh Congress in 1935 was devoted to increasing the part of the European fascist threat.

is enough to run on these dates, to understand when, for what purpose was created the Communist International.Resetting the old regime and the establishment of a new, which preached national equality and brotherhood - that's what first lured its creators inhabitants of that time.

What has promoted implementation?

Not to say that the authorities do not take action to interdict the formation of the Communist International.His first attempt to declare itself was suppressed in 1915, but for the proletariat, it was only a rehearsal.Speech also passed two years after the events.And Russia was not ready to fight back.Embroiled in the First World War, it was bloodless, mired deep in loans, lost officers and most of the core technology.But while the war played into the hands of the Bolsheviks.People are tired of the endless fighting, killing and destruction, imbued with hatred of the upper class.The manufacturers who profit from the production of weapons, the officers carrying with zubotychiny and whips - from all of this boil the blood of the general population.This took advantage of the Bolsheviks.After the sweet speeches of the Bolsheviks in which they promised to the workers and peasants the land, freedom and equality, those who yesterday tired of sitting in wet trenches and shrink from the whistling of bullets over his head, with great enthusiasm took up arms in order to make this coup.

on what was the main purpose of the Communist International, depended on the result of the revolution.Who chooses the people - and that winner.And in this very Bolsheviks succeeded ousted from the political scene all its competitors.

Stages of development of a new society

first stage was considered socialism - a time when society is not yet completely come out of the old regime, when it still had the old abrasions torture of the upper classes.

From this moment begins a new world.Destruction of the upper classes, the elimination of the old regime, the confiscation of private property and the tradition of its people's needs.Erases all borders - between cities and countryside, and between workers and peasants, equality, the rejection of religion, mysticism and bourgeois pseudoscience.The displacement of capitalism, carrying with them only the degradation of the people.

Thus, people will no longer know what oppression, war and famine.Everyone will receive their just deserts.All forces of society will be directed to the overall improvement.

What was the main purpose of the Communist International?The one that did not have realized until the 1943 - the last year of the existence of the Comintern.