The longest word in the Russian language

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As many modern and ancient thinkers, such Paustovsky, Gorky, Kovalenko, Merimee, the Russian language is really inexhaustibly rich, great, mighty, and use it to really express any thought, to describe any object or phenomenon.Any foreigner, even one who teaches the language from childhood, can confirm this.Therefore, the subject of today's article is the longest word in the Russian language, their origin, meaning and the possibilities of their compilation.

longest word of the Russian language it is necessary to look at the criteria.That is, take into account the case number, the part of speech, the presence of a hyphen, even the origin of the word.For example, in 1993, Guinness World Records declared the most "long" word of the Russian language the word "rentgenoelektrokardiograficheskogo."This word form in the genitive case, and the number of letters in it is equal to thirty-three.Already in 2003 it was replaced by a token in the nominative case, consisting of thirty-five characters, "prevysokomnogorassmotritelstvuyuschy", although the form of the same word in the genitive case would be two characters long.

also be combined word forms, and thus get the longest word in Russian.For example, "metoksihlordietilaminometilbutilaminoakridin" - yellow crystalline poroshek, simply put, quinacrine.This enormous word (44 characters) can be added and the plural instrumental case.Then turn the noun of 47 characters - "metoksihlordietilaminometilbutilaminoakridinami."

Or take the word "geksakosioygeksekontageksaparaskavedekatriafobiya" - is the fear of the devil's number 666 on Friday the thirteenth.We can just as well just add the ending and get the word out as many as 50 characters - "гексакосиойгексеконтагексапараскаведекатриафобиями".

In addition, there are words that simply are not logged in conventional dictionaries because of its triviality.It is about the process of formation of new platformers word forms.For example, "chetyrёhsotvosmidesyatichetyrёhkilogrammovy" or "prapraprapraprapraprapraprapraprapradedushka".In this case, the longest word in the Russian language are endless.And if the word can be regarded as abbreviations, there is

НИИОМТПЛАБОПАРМБЕТЖЕЛБЕТРАБСБОРМОНИМОНКОНОТДТЕХСТРОЙМОНТ.It is an abbreviation of a research laboratory is already 56 characters.But again, the acronym you can think of any brand and brand of any length.

were presented to your attention the longest word in the Russian language.As you can see, they are myriad, but find such in dictionaries or hear in speech can be infrequent, they are used only in specialized literature.

in all languages, there are the longest words.In Russian, German, Italian, Arabic and so on.But the "long" word came from the world of English.It consists of 1916 characters and refers to a chemical compound.And the long name from a certain Mr. Jodd from Honolulu.It means "beautiful fragrance of his home, located at Pearl Mountain, extolled the eyes of heaven."