Replacement passport when changing names - a legal requirement or a vital necessity?

Passport today is not some kind of luxury, and is a common document of the citizens of Russia.It is connected with the increase in the number of visits abroad of our homeland (trips, annual vacation or a small foreign tour, treatment), and with the care of people of the future ("suddenly will need a passport, and I do not?") Despite the long duration of the modern samplespassport (biometric document today pass for 10 years from the date of issue), sometimes need unscheduled replacement passport.If you change your name or other personal information, correctness and accuracy of which affect the ability to travel abroad due to the incompetence document to be exchanged.However, there is always a name change - an occasion to visit the passport and visa service?Or are there any exceptions to the general rules?

action today Russian legislation requires the replacement of the all-Russian civil passport when changing the personal data of the owner - this requirement is fixed in the Regulations on the passport of the Russian Federation.To change personal data relates, in particular, the change of name.Passport with the change does not necessarily!However, despite the absence of a requirement of the law, can be denied the receiving side when trying to cross the border.With what it is connected?

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fact that the replacement of the passport is required when you change your name when leaving a certain number of countries.For example, for a Schengen visa must be sure that the document was specified current name of its owner.It is noteworthy that while a passport if you change your name, you can leave the same, if you're going to "mass-tourism" countries (Egypt, Turkey and many others), but at the border is better to carry a marriage certificate or divorce, to avoid unpleasantsituations, confusion and wasting time and nerves.

The replacement passport when changing personal data is similar to the procedure for registration of documents "from scratch".In any case, it would require all of the same documents, information and fees, as when applying for registration of the first in the life of a foreign passport.Replacement passport when changing names occurs in the same time as the registration of a new document.The standard set of documents for registration include the following securities: a statement requesting to issue a passport;passport, unserviceable;three photographs;a photocopy of a birth certificate.In some cases, the replacement passport may be required to provide additional documentation, which is required to notify you in the passport and visa service.

In conclusion, the replacement passport when changing names - the procedure is optional and is not limited by the legislation of the Russian terms.However, the change of the passport due to change of personal data is necessary to think about the timely replacement and other documents that subsequently arise situations of possible obstacles at the border crossing.It is noteworthy that today there is a huge number of firms engaged in the collection and preparation of all necessary papers for replacement documents for trips abroad, but because if you do not have time or no desire to engage in the replacement passport, the procedure can be entrusted to specialists.By today's standards, these services will cost firms are not very expensive, but it will save you time and effort and get a new passport on time and without hassle.