How to teach a first grader to independence?

your child for the next year to go to school?It is necessary to begin to teach him independence in advance and keep it up in the first grade.

offer you a list of things a child has to learn to do myself, whether he is a preschooler or have first-grader.

As a first grader should be able to do yourself, and how to teach?

1. Dress shoes and .If a child did not go to kindergarten, and homes around helped him, or if he is in kindergarten did not learn on their own buttoning, tying shoelaces, and so on, teach him this before school.Let the child himself, and shoes worn in the last year before the school: it is the secret of success - in constant training.

2. hygiene .To be independent, to cause ridicule and reproach children of teachers, the child should in the first class to be able to use the toilet, brush your teeth, wash.

3. Keep your things in order .It is important that the school the child is able to maintain order in their things, watch them carefully and handle them.Therefore, parents need to teach the future student to clean up after themselves and maintain order even at home.

4. assemble and disassemble portfolio .Make sure that the schoolbag or briefcase were not too heavy, but contain everything you need to practice.Of course, the first time parents have to monitor the child - whether he put everything you need in a portfolio.However, at a certain stage it is better to give him the opportunity to gather in the school itself and to yourself to check, using the timetable.Let not forget to lay out all the unnecessary and waste accumulates in the portfolio.

5. do homework .You should not constantly do homework with your child - give him the opportunity to do it yourself, by yourself to make mistakes and find the right solutions.Parents can check only, as a toddler cope with the task, to be his "home teachers" and not to indulge constant tips.

6. go to school and return home .Of course, a first grader is likely to take, and parents will meet from school, but the child should, just in case, remember the way to school and back, know by heart your home address and phone numbers of parents, school number, and the name of the class teacher.It also makes sense to teach him to use a key to the apartment and cook their dinner - just in case he would have to get to the house itself.

If you want your child to be well prepared for independent life in school, begin to teach him to do so in advance and check from time to time as it is able to cope with all the above cases.