Sawdust in the garden: application for different purposes

Probably, many gardeners are well aware of the fact that the benefits sawdust on the plot.However, novice gardeners may not know this, so this information can they ever come in handy.Why do we need the sawdust in the garden?First, wood chips improves the soil structure which becomes more friable, that is very favorable for the roots of plants.In addition, the sawdust in the garden will provide soil nutrients.

It is for this reason most gardeners prefer to use wood chips as a fertilizer.However, it is necessary to carefully handle it with a solution of urea.In a bucket of water diluted with 4-5 tablespoons of urea in the resulting solution soak three buckets of sawdust.It is useful to additionally add to a solution of 1 tablespoon of potash fertilizer and one tablespoon of superphosphate.Humidification in such a way chips are best to fertilize the soil in the autumn, while the ratio - 1 bucket of 3-4 square meters of land.

The fact is that the level of nitrogen compared to carbon in the soil is significantly higher than in the wood feeding.If you have sawdust in the garden, remember that they fertilize the soil in any case it is impossible without prior treatment, or fertility of the soil of your good intentions simply worsen.

reason for this lies in the fact that the bacteria that degrade wood chips begin to take nitrogen from the soil, plants necessary for normal development.Among other things, some components contained in the chips, may also adversely affect the growth of plants.Best of all filings in the garden turn into compost.For this it is necessary to mix them with the earth and manure with a content of the whole year keep them in this form, if necessary adding moisture and hiding to save valuable components.

effect from the use of such fertilizers will increase if it add a juicy grass or hay.

Currently among gardeners extremely popular and in demand this type of fertilizer, like compost, based on wood chips and bird droppings.However, experts do not recommend the use of sawdust compost up to the moment when all its components are not decompose, and the structure will not resemble a fat dark peat.

huge percentage of gardeners prefer to use the material in question for the procedure mulching.The process of decomposition of wood chips at the same time slow - about two years.It consumes a lot of moisture, helping to strengthen the water-retaining properties of light soils.Among other things, the material for the villa vegetation is transformed into an excellent mulch.

Certainly, the use of sawdust is not limited to only the area of ‚Äč‚Äčland use.This material has long been a source of creation of perspective business - ideas.

processing chips involves obtaining fuel gas, briquettes, building materials.

Thus, the practical application of the above material is unusually wide, so filings in any case should not be disposed of, and it is better to use them in solving a variety of problems.