What is the BIC of the bank, for which it is used and how to get it?

banking system of any industrialized country differ widely, and inclusive activities.It is no secret that it is difficult to imagine any financial transactions without the involvement of banks.Over the past few decades, the banking system was so large-scale development, it has led to excessive growth of commercial lending institutions.Accordingly, in a large number of proliferation of private banks has increased the need for assigning a unique number to each organization.For this purpose, and there is the BIC bank identification code through which it will be possible to identify one or another credit institution.Today, knowing what the BIC bank, you can find any financial institution inscribed in the register, even in the absence of his name.

What is the BIC bank?

What is the BIC bank?Often people who are far from the banking system, while filling payment documents for payment of bills faced with such a term and come in bewilderment.These data are often required with the payment and transfer of funds for services.The identification number is a nine-digit code that is required to part of the details of the financial institution, regardless of the time of work and level of activity.Nine-digit codes of all banks included in the single register administered by the Bank of Russia, which, in turn, has been assigned number during registration of a credit institution.However, it should not be considered as a simple code assigned to a set of numbers, as each of them is not just possible to find the bank for biku, but also provide specific information about a particular facility.

The first two digits represent the country code, in this case the Russian Federation, the third and fourth are responsible for the area code, which is a branch of the organization, the following two are talking about conditional number of structural units of the Bank.On the seventh nine-digit number of the credit institution is hidden in the department "Central Bank", where the account was opened.In addition, each of the nine digits will identify the beneficiary bank's BIC, if you do not know the name of the organization to which you must transfer the funds.Foreign credit card companies use letter coding, combined with figures.

Where to use the BIC?

unlikely that the bank's employees will ever wondering like "What is the BIC bank? ', Because it is they have to work with this set of numbers on a daily basis.The use of encryption is required on all payment documents, which have at least a minimum of the credit organization.The majority of people are faced with Beacom, not paying attention to him, as he indicated, even in the accounts for utilities and cellular communications.

What information is available on biku?

Knowing the nine-digit code, you can become the owner of quite comprehensive information about the commercial financial institution, which is expected to account transfer.An indicative list of useful data is presented below:

  • location of the bank and the date of its opening;
  • proper name of the institution;
  • correspondent account of a credit institution and some facts from the history of its existence, if any, in general, the registry data of the Bank of Russia;
  • equally important opportunity to learn the Russian branch of the Central Bank, which issued the accreditation of this institution.

Find Bank of biku?

Do not think that the search for the desired organization is unavailable to most citizens.Each credit card company does not simply fixed on the ID number in the registry, but also regularly stated in a special directory, produced by "the Central Bank".In addition, if you require, for example, to answer the question of how to find out the bank's BIC, you can take advantage of special online search services, located on the official website of the Central Bank of Russia.

How to get to the credit institution BIC

Not every finance company has the right to remain in the banking system, in fact, not every one has the right to call the bank.If an online service did not help you in finding the answer to the question of how to find a bank of biku, it is possible that you have the required organization is not in a financial system of the Russian Federation.This is due to the fact that assigning an identification number to be entered in a single register deals exclusively with "the Central Bank".To carry out the registration process can only be through a formal application to the provision of all necessary documents confirming the legality of the company.Assignment of code produced by the order, which supervises all banks, starting with the first digit indicating the country and ending the seventh, eighth and ninth figures who talk about conditional number of credit institution customer where to open the main correspondent account.