Making chicken feeders with their hands

When breeding laying hens at home raises questions about how best to organize the feeding of birds that feed wastage is minimized.To manufacture troughs for chickens with their hands is easy, you only need to choose the right materials for the product.

Feeders for chickens made of plywood in the following sequence.Please sheets are cut to the vertical walls.They do high.High trough for hens allows you to perform a single filling of feed grain or a few days to a time not to return to their completion.To feed the output does not get stuck at the bottom of the trough for chickens, made with his own hands, set a sheet of plywood with a slight slope to the front.In this setup, the bulk material will slide to the front and becomes accessible for poultry.As a result of experiments to determine the optimum angle of the inclined installation of plywood, it was found that the slope equal to 20-25 on the most suitable for granulated feed.If you plan to feed the grain, the angle of inclination can be somewhat reduced enough to have it equal to 12-15.

to chickens could peck feed should be in front of the trough to create a small area bounded by strips.This setup will not allow hens to scatter feed to get into his paws.He will always be available for pokleva.The height of the front rim should be 50-65 mm.Side bumpers can be done in a half-two times higher approximately about 80-120 mm.These fences provide access, but do not allow the bird to climb feet in the trough for hens.His hands and sawed the front wall, which completes the formation of the overall device.

As previously mentioned, in order to reduce time spent on maintenance of chickens, you need to create a significant amount of feed in the trough.Therefore it is possible to increase the height of the trough to 900-975 mm.At this altitude, it is easy to pour a bucket of conventional feed.

to trough lasts longer, it must be protected from environmental influences.Processing antiseptic drugs will prevent putrefaction.The impregnation is desirable to perform before the final assembly of the trough for hens.His hands applying impregnation can be performed using the gun.Then the process will take some time.You can apply an antiseptic roller or brush.

painting acrylic paint will give a finished look trough for hens.His hands, using screws and screwdriver, very easy to perform, and product assembly.Head screws must be covered with primer and then paint with acrylic paint, too.

Besides feeders on the site, which contains poultry necessarily need drinker for chickens.The most widely found vacuum drinkers, easy-to-use.For their manufacturing bowls, which can be set in five-liter bottles from under water.To the level of the liquid is not less than 20-35 mm, should be under the cap with holes to put a small slate desired height.Capacity is fixed with wire.