How is the washing of the heating system?

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For any heating system to function properly, it is necessary to periodically arrange routine inspection and cleaning.This particularly applies to the individual heating system, in which the conditions of use of the equipment rather tough.Flushing system heating needs especially when used as a coolant in the low-quality, hard water.All impurities and limescale deposited on the internal parts of the boiler and on the tubes.

Such pollution can significantly reduce heat transfer equipment.Flushing the heating process helps to prevent contamination of the heating equipment, and also promotes long-term use of heat exchangers and pipes.

Basically procedure is carried out by means of the circulating pump and the tank with a special flushing fluid.The pump and the container are connected to the heating system, the cleaning liquid is supplied into it.Flushing the heating system is carried out as long as it will not be of any dirt washed.Perhaps the process will have to spend more than once.Then, the wash liquid is drained, and the system is rinsed with hot water.Then water is drained and a solution is introduced, which covers the inner walls of components corrosion layer.After the tube rinsed flushing cycle heat exchangers.

The water is used for flushing the system, you can add chlorine, which disinfects all internal surfaces.The liquid used for washing the acid solution.After it is necessary to run the system fluid that neutralizes the acid residues.

Ideally, rinse the heating system should be carried out every 3-4 years.The present methods are washed all the circuits of the system.Then you have to try to fill the system with higher quality water.Before each heating season produced a tail flushing system in which the water does not need to merge.

Such treatment requires virtually any heating system, even the air.Air heating systems are structures made of heat generators, which are used for oil or gas.In such a system there is no heating of water and air.Most all of this construct is used for heating large areas: sports halls, industrial buildings, warehouses, service stations and other facilities.

The main advantage of this system is economical, as its performance is very high, and the heated air enters directly into the room.Thermostat it can be adjusted, so the room is easy to maintain the desired temperature.No additional coolant, low thermal inertia makes the heating is popular.

But here need periodic cleaning of the burner, ducts and filters.The combustion chamber of the heater must also be periodically cleaned of soot or other deposits.Cleaning of the system is faster and easier, as the wash pipes and radiators, it is not necessary (they simply does not).