For details on how to remove the mailbox on the "Meile"

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Now we will see how to remove the mailbox on the "Meile", because in the undeniable enormous prevalence of this service, it has a number of disadvantages that are not to the liking of each user.


Information technology pretty quickly entered the life of modern people.One of them is the Internet, which has generated many useful functions.The most common - email.This service enables transfer messages and messages in text form and in the form of graphics or audio and video.

Today, a lot of resources provides an opportunity to create a completely free like your personal mailbox and mail your company or organization.One of the most popular systems is people are very name Mail is already associated with e-mail.
However, despite his great popularity among Internet users a wide variety of categories, the service is very significant drawbacks.Among them - not the most user-friendly interface (it has been updated only recently) and the abundance of advertising.At the same ads are not only posted on the resource, but also "cling" for letters sent as messages.Sure, spam is quite easy to remove, but it should be done constantly.

mailbox size is 10 gigabytes.The maximum possible size of the letters on the data provided by the resource - 32 megabytes, but in reality this figure is ten megabytes below.How to remove a mailbox on the "Maile" if you decide to have a new email address, or you simply not satisfied with it, this resource?This is a simple process that takes only a few minutes.

How to remove the box detailed instructions

To delete e-mail box on this resource, you must use intended for this interface that is accessible from the menu.To do this:

• go to the mailbox of the;
• enter in the field where the name of the system user name of the email account you want to delete;
• later in the drop-down list, select the appropriate address domain;
• then it is necessary in the "Password" enter the appropriate combination, which opens access to this mailbox;
• After all these manipulations need to press the delete button.

box will be removed only if you have entered the correct name, and the password to it.Before you remove the mailbox on the "Meile", the system first relieve him of all content, and access to it is blocked.The name that was of your mail will be available for selection in the registration of new e-mails in just three months.

recovery box on

addition to understanding how to remove the mailbox on the "Meile", you also need to know how it can be restored.

to restore e-mail address is necessary to submit a special request to the appropriate service.It is worth noting that if you have mistakenly deleted some important letter, this procedure can not get it back, so before you remove the mailbox on the "Maile" should check to see if you lose with it anything you need.

What to do in case of blocking the mailbox

In that case, if the mailbox is locked, but you still want to use it to send and receive emails, you must also, as usual, enter the name andemail password in the appropriate fields and press the "Enter", then you need to follow all the instructions.

possible to change the name of the e-mail box

Rename your drawer is impossible.If you lose one's attraction as previously selected name, you must remove the mailbox using the instructions above and then just create a new (already under a different name).