Details on how to get out of "Yandex.Mail"

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Now we will deal with the question of how to get out of "Yandex.Mail."Services "Yandex" are incredibly comfortable, and look intuitive.However, this issue may occur if you are new to the system interface.

Before answering the question of how to get out of "Yandex.Mail", it is worth saying a few words about the service.The system "Yandex" gives its users a variety of different options.In addition to being a powerful research resource, it also offers to have e-mail.

To use all the features of the project at once, create a personal account.Then you can work on the system "Yandex", to solve a variety of creative and work tasks.


To understand how to get out of "Yandex.Mail" First of all, you need to log on to the service.In other words, to create a personal account.For this purpose, you need to come up with a username and password.Without these data in the future you will not be able to access the account.You can make sure that your password has meaning.

However, such passwords are easy to pick up when the attackers to study your personal information.Once the account in "Yandex" is created, you can use absolutely all the opportunities offered by this system.Thanks to their own e-mail, you can send and receive emails.They can sort, store, and print as needed.

Personal data

to post on "Yandex" has been registered correctly, your login and password is not enough because you need to specify a number of personal data.The most common e-mail program asks for your name, surname and place of birth and date of the event.To recover a lost password, available in the system and special security questions.Note that the answers should be recorded somewhere.

And not to be trusted preservation of such data exclusively computer.It is better to use for this purpose the usual notebook that will always be in a place known to you.


After finishing work in your account you need to understand in order to leave it as soon as possible.To this end, at the top right of the screen, near the login for your mail, locate and click the small triangle.Thus, opens a special drop-down menu.In this menu, select the button to exit the "Yandex.Mail."

Deleting mail

In any case describe how to delete mail "Yandex".If you know the address (or username), password by mail and, in addition, the answer to the secret question that you specified during the registration Yandex-mail this action is simple enough to make.Open the "Yandex", go to your own e-mail and then in the upper right corner, click on "Setup".

In the box in front of you, at the end of the page, click on "Delete."Then, a password is required by mail to confirm the intention to delete the account.Next, a window called "passport", it is worth to think carefully before you click on the button "Delete account".

Of course, you can have other mailboxes.The main thing is to address the removal of any confusion, do not forget any important emails and on what account are stored.By the way, if you are logged into your account on a computer that is not yours, and for some reason forgot to go, remember that "Yandex" allows you to leave the accounts on all personal computers for this user.

To do this, select the menu item.So we figured out how to get out of "Yandex.Mail" and considered several other issues related to this service.