How to lose weight with the help of yogurt and fruit

incorrect, unbalanced diet, sedentary lifestyle and bad habits lead to the problem of excess weight, regardless of age and status.Basically when dealing with newly gained pounds are preferred diet: they are more accessible and do not require much effort, such as the swimming pool or gym.The most popular way to lose weight are dairy products.Most people know, for example, how to lose weight with the help of yogurt.

Kefir as a means for weight loss

the purposes of weight loss yogurt is used in several ways: fasting days, multi-day diet and partial unloading of the body.The first is necessary not only for weight loss, and for the prevention of obesity.They are recommended once a week.To this end, during the day you need to drink 1.5-2 liters of yogurt of any fat content, by dividing it into equal parts.Wake up with a cup of coffee, and in the afternoon to eat some fruits and drink tea without sugar.With the help of kefir unloading days, you can lose weight gradually, bring toxins from the body, normalize the bowels.Over time these days come into the habit, and the body will respond with gratitude and easily thin waist.How to lose weight with the help of yogurt using it for partial unloading of the body?To do this, drink 150-200 ml of the product in the morning before breakfast, and the same at night.If added to the drink a tablespoon of bran, oat desirable, already in the first month you can lose 2-3 kg.In combination with a protein or a low-calorie diet, the results can please and higher rates (up to -5 kg).How to lose weight with the help of yogurt, using it as the basic diet?This diet is pretty tough, complex and unbalanced.But its effectiveness is extremely high.Sticking to its more than 10 days it shall be prohibited, as from a sharp reduction in protein and carbohydrates the body can cause more harm than bring benefits.During this diet is nothing but dairy products, can not be consumed.Subject to this requirement, you can lose about 8-9 extra kilos.Before we go into that extreme as kefir diet, review your diet.Perhaps the reasons for excess weight is in it.By removing a few of the most harmful products and entering into a daily diet of 200 ml of yogurt, you can easily return to the previous form.

How to lose weight using the fruit

Fruit diet - it is tasty and healthy.Particularly pleased with their choices and availability in the summer.Almost every woman knows how to lose weight with kiwi, apples, grapes or pineapple.Again, using the fruit can be done fasting days, snacks during the day or multi-day diet.Why are fruit promote weight loss?Firstly, they are low in calories.Therefore, to use them even in unlimited quantities, no risk of gaining weight.Secondly, many of the fruits, particularly savory include amino acids, fat burning.And thirdly, it's vitamins, improves skin tone and strengthen immunity.

bowel cleansing of toxins

often cause overweight are slag stoppers in the intestines which prevent normal operation of the digestive tract and are the causes of chronic diseases or internal inflammation.The most common way of cleansing the body are enemas.So, how to lose weight with the help of an enema, and simultaneously improve your health at home?First, clean the intestines to do with the help of a mug Esmarch: the greater the growth, the more liquid it should be.Secondly, the procedure for a solution is prepared on the basis of boiling water at room temperature with the addition of lemon juice and salt (can also be added honey, beetroot juice or herbal infusions).Third, for the full intestinal cleansing, a course consisting of not less than 10 procedures that take place early in the morning.But most importantly, watch your diet, keep an active lifestyle and give up bad habits, so you do not look for options on how to lose weight (using yogurt, fruit or enemas).