How to get rid of the tabs at the hips

Almost every woman, to pay attention to their appearance, acute becomes the problem of the elimination of fat formation in the thigh area.This is especially true of the fair sex, who have the type of shape "pear".

Common exercises for slimming thighs and abdomen in conjunction with diets and salon treatments are focused on the destruction of the surface layer of fat.However, we must not forget about the so-called "reserve", which is located deep in the form of adipose tissue and cumbersome to be adjusted.That is why this article will try to answer the question of how to get rid of the tabs at the hips, using a specific set of exercises and proper nutrition.

There is a misconception that in the struggle for tightened hip enough to use one block of exercises aimed at this group of muscles.However, significant results can be achieved only through an integrated approach to the problem.

How to get rid of the "ears" on the hips - an integrated approach in response

first universal exercise is jogging.This is a great fat burner in absolutely all the problem areas.The second rule can be considered a selection of exercises that target not only the muscles of the hips, and the rest (the press, back, arms, etc.).Particular attention should be paid to Pilates and callanetics, as these classes have no contraindications, and provide a minimum load on the cardiovascular system.Enough is effectively "invisible" exercises, based on squeezing the glutes and unclamping (daily at least 100 times).This exercise is good because it can be performed while sitting in the office or standing in traffic.

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A comprehensive approach to weight loss

the question: "How to get rid of the tabs at the hips?" Experts in response to form a complex of measures, consisting of developed and systematic diet of fasting days.In addition to these methods are also used quite effectively wraps, massage and rubbing problem areas.Very often women apply a slimming cream.

How to get rid of the tabs at the hips - drastic measures

more effective and radical procedure is considered Mesodissolution, which is a problem in the zone deep subcutaneous injection of a special compound that can break down fat cells.

Fighting cellulite

Get rid of cellulite will primarily sail.Also, a positive result can be achieved by performing the complex power exercises that are performed with a small load on the heart muscle.With such exertion is "burned" maximum number of calories and thus improved blood supply, leading to a significant weight loss.Stimulating blood circulation problem areas helps to smooth the skin and give it elasticity.It is also necessary to remember the systematic implementation of these exercises.In other words, doing half an hour every day, you can significantly improve your figure.