How to remove fat from lyashek quickly and without suffering?

For those who are interested in the question of how to remove fat from lyashek long, there are some simple and effective ways to achieve the desired result without any effort and suffering.

beautiful figure implies a lack of body fat, or the minimum number of them.In order to realize the quick weight loss lyashek, perform some exercises.

First we need to get a dumbbell.But as we - a girl, and we are pleased to extra money to spend on yet another pair of shoes, we take polutoralitrovye bottles and fill them with water.

Exercise number 1

Spread feet shoulder width apart and squat.In this position, your knees and feet should be looking in opposite directions, and the pelvis should be tilted back.Dumbbell place between her legs.Now take it from the top, privstante and put back.Repeat this task must be 15 times.Then place the dumbbell (in our case - a bottle) on the floor and do this exercise another 10 times.

This is one of the most effective exercises for those who are looking for ways to remove fat from lyashek.However, the need to use different muscles, so working on.

Exercise number 2

you need to take both hands on the "dumbbell" and put your feet shoulder width apart.Bend one leg to the thigh so as to form an angle of ninety degrees radius and stop staring ahead.This necessarily follow that the back all the time to stay straight.The maximum set aside a second leg to the side, so that you feel that the load on the inner side of the left thigh.Get up to the starting position.This exercise should be repeated 12 times, then change the leg work and it even 12 times.Note that due to this exercise worked out yet and we all need your abdominal muscles, which is fairly important.

Exercise number 3

Before you perform the following exercise, lie on your back, relax.And now flips over on his side and start.Pull one leg forward and the second bend at the knee and then put it on the floor.Hand with a dumbbell is required to put on the thigh of the leg you are pulled, and it should be lifted as high as allow stretching.Repeat this exercise 10 times for each leg.Increasing the load is welcome.This exercise tells you how to remove fat from lyashek few days.

Exercise number 4

situation remains the same - you're lying on your side.There should only raise outstretched foot as many times as you can.After this leg should change.It is advisable to do the job at least 15 times on each side.

If you are interested in the question of how to remove fat from calves, must be as often as possible to perform one exercise - lifting from the floor to the podium.This can take a load up (our exclusive dumbbells).

Thus, we have presented to you a few options for how to remove fat from lyashek.At the same time it should also review your diet and give up baked goods, soda, and high-calorie foods.We wish you strength and energy to achieve the desired result!