Disappearing Professions: name

What is disappearing profession?What qualifications have all gone into the history of what the brink of extinction, and which is in its infancy - this this article.

why some professions are disappearing

In the 21st century society is developing rapidly.This changes the appearance of settlements, new and existing cities are growing fast, modern way of life is born.The huge production halls have replaced human labor with automatic robots, some activities have been transformed beyond recognition compared to past centuries and even decades past, other does and go into oblivion.In this regard, the concept of "disappearing profession."On them, we describe in detail below.

Along with the changing reality are history many names of professions.Some simply transformed its name to a different symbol, but there are those who completely cease to exist.Their representatives will not meet on the street information can be found in historical archives and see - except in movies or theater production.

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Professions that are not

Disappearing profession cease to be relevant.Due to the rapid development of science and technology of some specialty lose relevance.Machines replaced human hands and cope with almost all trades much faster and more efficiently.Automation of many processes significantly reduces the cost of production and at the same time increases the performance of any process.Serious negative consequences of this is the loss of jobs, the rise in unemployment as a consequence - impoverishment of the population and increased social tension in the world.Therefore, today the state is making great efforts to ensure that everyone can acquire relevant to the current reality profession.Each is important to learn and gain skills in areas that need humanity.

excursion into the past

Let us remember the old professions that have lost their popularity and were only in the pages of history.The names of some of them are known, others sound quite alien and unfamiliar.

TOP professions that ceased to exist:

  • Dagerrotipisty .They created the first portrait photos.There were no cameras, and were silver plates, which created the very first shots.They were replaced by photographers who clicked on the tape.But it's a completely different kind of work, therefore, safe to say that dagerrotipisty have already become part of history.
  • Chimney .They regularly went in search of dirty chimneys.Without their work and effort does not do any one family.The present generation knows about this specialty only by myths and fairy tales that have survived.Chimney sweeps are held in high esteem as the cleaning of chimneys, pipes and fireplaces warned fires.
  • Pied Piper .I'm sure many have not heard these names of professions.But in fact it was a very important and dangerous position, these people could be compared with superheroes.They saved the whole city from the invasion of rodents, which are real carriers of dirt and disease.That brought a plague of rats, which in the 16th century wiped out half of Europe.Today, in many countries strictly keep order, preventing the spread of sewage and garbage.If you need to regularly clean common areas, using strong poisons and other pest control.In the past, the tens of thousands of rats destroyed manually.

Continued list

  • Stonebreaker .Hard work, during which people died.Working round the clock crushed rocks used for construction.Now, extraction of stone has been specialized equipment operated by man.
  • Lamplighter .Every evening they went to work with long sticks, lit street lamps and lighting support in the city.Of course, it is hard to imagine that at one time there was no electricity.
  • telephonists .They were not long ago, but today, in the "world of mobile phones," so old profession ceased to exist.And once, to hear the desired party, it was necessary to contact a telephone that forwards the signal to the desired point.
  • Typists .Women in all print settings for hours typing, tapping, like a machine gun, the keys of a typewriter.It is hard to imagine today that someone is working on that outdated machine.
  • Schetchitsy .In the workplace, these women were only bills with a pen and paper to take notes.Each company accountant subordinate sat a lady, able in seconds to knock out the numbers on the bone accounts.After a few decades ago, there was no calculator, and a complex calculation is made on the accounts.In the works are accepted only women, since they are more responsible approach to it, and were particularly perseverance.
  • Coachman - driver, drove horse-drawn carriage.But with the advent of the car people have ceased to travel in carriages and chaises, why, and no longer need in this specialty.
  • Occupation shoeshine once was very in demand.Dirty shoes - it is bad form, so that all senior and just a neat man stood at the regular chairs around which swirled young lad with brushes and shoe polish.

Little-known extinct profession

The list of the missing professions included those who on hearing of many.And there were still little known: buoy-keepers, balagoly, coopers, komashniki.

in 15-18 centuries was extended position Tselovalnik.These people are basically followed the completion of the treasury, and pay farmers per capita dues (the tax office is not?), Took part in the trials, and policing.When I took office, they swore in fairness and kissed the cross.

The building did not do without Kopacz, nasypaly, and razvozily of plate.Today, their work is carried out by excavators, cranes and other machinery.

There were many other specialties, without which it is difficult to imagine a society in the past.

Professions that disappear

experts regularly keep records of popular specialties and those who are on the verge of extinction.Disappearing profession today are known to all.SuperSpeed ‚Äč‚Äčtechnology progress and development of the Internet has created new jobs, but have to say goodbye with the usual crafts.

give examples of professions that will soon cease to exist.This irreversible process.However, as a consolation to many can say that to replace the old comes the new class, the list of which is constantly updated.

Disappearing professions:

  • Packer .Companies will no longer need a manual packaging, people will soon be replaced by robots.Machines do not require weekend, they do not need the hospital, and they do not argue with the boss.Already many companies and factories move to full automation.
  • conductor .Modern public transport is equipped with a turnstile.It is installed at the entrance.To use the bus, you need to insert the card or delete the desired bill.So, there is no need for the person who catches the "birds" and sells travel tickets.
  • Postman, cashier.
  • Librarian.
  • Journalist .They replace many copywriters.
  • Call center operator.
  • Wachter, concierge, elevator operator, waiter.
  • Logist.
  • Miner.
  • seamstress, weaver, potter.
  • accountants, economists.
  • Architect.

Reducing the list of village artisans

Many rural occupations are disappearing.Fewer mowers, laborers in the fields, fruit pickers, blacksmiths and shepherds.Their work is performed harvesters, tillers, garden machinery.Horses on farms are almost there, so there is no work for blacksmiths.And cows are increasingly can only be seen on large farms, so the shepherds disappear.Especially noticeable process of reducing rural processes in developed capitalist countries, whereas in developing countries still demand manual labor in the fields.

Pure and simple specialties are closely intertwined with the world of high-tech technologies.Science and electronics is rapidly gaining momentum, and many countries simply do not have time to progress.Perhaps that is why in some parts of our country there are professions that have long since gone down in history in Europe.

One of the consequences of the collapse of the Soviet Union

should also mention the profession of the USSR, which ceased to exist with the collapse of the country.

all studied and sought to take his place in the party nomenclature.Even the most outstanding instructor District Party Committee - it sounds proudly and solidly.Not to mention the secretaries of district and others.Gone anywhere and pioneer leaders who instructed the pioneers on the right path, and organized their leisure.Many jobs at the same time the Soviet Union had disappeared, along with himself the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

indirect implications of the disappearance of many trades

50 years ago had a linear career, has been verified, and stable.The young man chooses a profession to his liking, receive appropriate education and lifelong doing one thing.Today, the picture is quite different.In the age of high-speed technologies, this model no longer works.A person has to learn for life, learning new, as a rule, narrow specialty.

High competition, the fear of unemployment and the constant mental stress - all this affects the health of a person, his psyche, causing neuroses, depression and mental disorders.As a consequence of permanent employment - not enough attention is paid to family, children, lost the simple human relations.This, in turn, gives rise to juvenile delinquency, which quickly develops into "adult".

One of the consequences of a rapidly changing reality and the disappearance of many professions is becoming a rise in unemployment, the impoverishment of the population, falling birth rate, which gives rise to a chain reaction in the demographic crisis and social tensions.

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Professions future

replaced the dying professions necessarily come new meeting modern realities.Every year, the leading educational institutions are certified to obtain permission to learning new crafts.And they are connected directly to robots, computers and nanotechnology.

Here is a list of specialties that are likely to be needed in the future:

  • Kiberdvornik - will direct orders on the Internet.
  • City superintendent - responsible for the landscaping of the city.
  • master printmaker - specialist in 3D-printing.
  • personal chronicler - installs all your roots and create a family chronicle.
  • specialist microflora.
  • operator drones.

Today it's just theoretical conclusions.But once the astronaut and was considered a fantastic profession.